Joe Rogan reveals colorful lighting setup at new Texas podcast studio

. 2 years ago
Joe Rogan and his podcast studio
Instagram: SoundShedStudios / Joe Rogan

Podcaster and Comedian Joe Rogan has revealed that the new podcast studio for the Joe Rogan Experience is almost complete, amid his relocation from Los Angeles to Texas.

Since its beginning, the Joe Rogan Experience podcast has been based in California, a hub of influencer activity and celebrity culture, with access to many well-known guests.

But in recent months, Joe has made it abundantly clear that the LA life is no longer for him. In episode #1523 of the podcast, he explained that “I don’t think this is a healthy way to live. I don’t think it’s good for your brain.”

Joe Rogan on LA
YouTube: PowerfulJRE
Joe Rogan discusses his move from LA to Texas

Expanding, he said that he didn’t agree with how normalized riot and looting culture had become in the golden state. “You see a f**king looting and a riot and a building on fire on TV, you don’t even flinch,” he said. “On a regular basis there’s crazy sh*t going on.”

Earlier in August, Joe revealed that the construction for the new studio in the “more free” Texas was underway, and finally shared the first look at the new studio via an Instagram post.

Joe Rogan’s new podcast studio

The mounted cameras, TV, and tables and chairs followed the familiar setup that fans are used to seeing, but the walls had an interesting geometric lattice pattern, and is in more of a curved shape.

Joe seems to have slowed down on the release of his usually frequent podcasts, at the time of writing having not uploaded one in over a week. But with the release of a newer, more complete video of the studio construction, it seems that the Texas rebrand of the JRE show may arrive sooner than expected, saying “the new JRE studio is almost complete.”

This time, the curved space is filled with striking red lights, the tables and chairs now arranged into a more organized setup, with the TV on and ready to go. To the bottom of the image a functional control desk can be seen, and Joe even shows the nifty pop-up socket feature on the podcast table designed by Wrightsmith Studios.

The studio overall was designed by Soundshed Studios, who shared an equally stunning image of the new studios without the table, showing off its futuristic red-toned design.

Now the studio seems very close to up-and-running, fans of the show can likely expect to see brand new content sometime soon.

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