Joe Rogan returns to UFC and the internet can’t help but roast his look

Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier and Jon Anik at UFC commentary boothTwitter: Daniel Cormier

Joe Rogan made his return to UFC commentary at UFC 276 and donned some unusual attire that caught the eye of the internet – and it’s safe to say they’ve had their fun with it. 

When he’s not hosting the Joe Rogan Experience or traveling the United States with his one-man comedy set, Joe Rogan can usually be found behind the commentary desk at UFC events.

While many of his co-commentators and fellow analysts are usually dressed to the nines for fights, Rogan is a bit more dressed down – and it is rare to see him kitted out in a three-piece suit while screaming about knockouts and submissions.

UFC 276, which took place on July 2nd, marked Rogan’s return to commentary after a bit of a brief break. He matched his fellow analysts by wearing a suit for the occasion, and the internet couldn’t help but bust out some jokes about his look.

Joe Rogan talking into microphone wearing white shirtSpotify/Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan is a famous podcast host and comedian, best known for his show ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’

With the broadcast getting underway, the commentary team introduced themselves in their regular manner – with Rogan standing front and center in a black suit. His tie was a bit messed up, however, and the internet quickly jumped all over it.

As images of Rogan’s look worked their way around social media, plenty of onlookers lined up some zingers to poke fun at him. “Rogan dressed like a Reservoir Dog after the heist goes wrong,” said MMA journalist Jed Goodman. “This man is dressed like he’s just been to the funeral of a family member he doesn’t give a f**k about,” added another viewer.

Some fans said that they simply didn’t recognize Rogan given he was wearing a suit. “What in the Multiverse is this?” asked another fan, confused by his look.

Other onlookers suggested that Rogan’s look may have had something to do with Lex Friedman – a regular guest on his podcast – given the similarities between them. “Man lost a bet to Lex Friedman,” commented one.

Seeing as Rogan doesn’t read his social media replies – or hate comments – he’ll probably have to wait until someone else flags it for him. Though, it could make for an entertaining segment on his next podcast.