Joe Rogan provides gruesome update after attempting new "carnivore" diet

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has provided an update for fans wondering how his new “carnivore” diet is going, and it’s rather informative to say the least.

The “carnivore” or the “all meat” diet is a restrictive way of eating that only allows meat, fish, and certain other animal products like eggs and milk to be consumed, cutting out all fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Joe Rogan is the latest celebrity to try the dietary regime, and shared an insight into how he was doing with it on his Instagram page – something that could be considered a little TMI.


Rogan’s diet update

On January 11, the podcast host uploaded a photo of one of his meals that consisted of three slices of bacon and four bits of liver, alongside a lengthy caption that revealed how the new way of eating was affecting his body.

“Let’s start with the bad,” he began. “There’s really only one “bad” thing, and that thing is diarrhea. I’m not sure diarrhea is an accurate word for it, like I don’t think a shark is technically a fish.”

He then launched into an epic statement about how graphic his bowel issues have become since starting carnivore. “With regular diarrhea I would compare it to a fire you see coming a block or two away and you have the time to make an escape, whereas this carnivore diet is like out of nowhere the fire is coming through the cracks, your doorknob is red hot, and all hope is lost,” he said.


“I haven’t s**t my pants yet, but I’ve come to accept that if I keep going with this diet it’s just a matter of time before we lose a battle, and I fill my undies like a rainforest mudslide overtaking a mountain road,” the 52-year-old continued. “It seems to be getting a little better every day, but as of today I trust my butthole about as much as I trust a shifty neighbor with a heavy Russian accent that asks a lot of personal questions.”

As for the good, the stand-up comedian stated that his energy levels were higher and that he feels healthier as a result. “One thing I’m fairly sure of is that my energy levels are higher and steadier throughout the day. This seems undeniable,” he wrote. “I’ve also felt really “healthy” (other than the sporadic bouts of hellacious projectile doodoo).”

He then revealed that since starting the diet around two weeks ago, he’s actually lost weight already: “Since I started the diet a couple days before January I’m now about 13 days in, at least 7 pounds lighter, and in completely uncharted territory for me.”

Instagram: @joerogan
Instagram: @joerogan
The American can only eat meat, fish, and animal products.


Rogan is said to be on his new all-meat diet for only 31 days as it’s in celebration of January’s ‘World Carnivore Month’ – but who knows, maybe he’ll like the results so much that he’ll stick to it for longer.

According to Healthline, the extreme meat-only regime is said to help with weight loss, muscle building, and blood sugar regulation, amongst other reasons.