Joe Rogan praises Jake Paul despite Tommy Fury loss: “He’s 100% legit”

Joe Rogan in white shirt side by side with Jake Paul in boxing ringYouTube: Joe Rogan/BT Sport

Joe Rogan has tipped his cap to Jake Paul despite losing to Tommy Fury, praising the YouTuber-turned-boxer as “legit” and saying it proved him right after all this time. 

After years of waiting, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally settled their score inside the boxing ring on February 26, as they squared off in a fight billed as ‘The Truth’ in Saudi Arabia. 

In the end, Tommy’s boxing background showed out, as the Brit defeated Jake by a split decision. Though, Jake did score the only knockdown of the fight and wants a rematch due to complications he apparently suffered in his pre-fight training camp.

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Despite the loss, the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s performance has been praised by a few analysts, including Joe Rogan who believes that, despite the loss, his longstanding stance on Jake has been proven. 

Joe Rogan backs Jake Paul’s boxing ability despite Tommy Fury defeat

The fight came up as a quick topic during episode 1947 of the Joe Rogan Experience, as he chatted with comedian Chris Distefano. 

Rogan was asked if he watched the fight, to which he answered yes, and quickly backed Jake. “I thought it was a very good fight. It confirmed two things that I’ve been saying for a long time,” he said. “One, Jake Paul is 100% legit. People that think he’s not legit, he’s conning you. He’s conning you with his antics, he’s conning you with his online persona and the sh*t-talking and the marketing.

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“But if you didn’t have any of that, and me as an analyst, that’s one of my jobs. I’m not a boxing analyst but I understand it. When I watch him move around, it’s 100% legit.”

Rogan got sidetracked before he could take a victory lap on his second point, but it is another example of him showing backing to Jake when others don’t. 

He still doubts that the content creator should fight Mike Tyson, but that’s probably off the table now he’s lost to Tommy.