Joe Rogan made his Podcast desk wider because he was scared of Mike Tyson

Calum Patterson
Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson on JRE podcast
YouTube: Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has revealed that he literally made his podcasting desk wider, because he wanted some extra room between himself and legendary boxer Mike Tyson, when the pair sat down for an interview in 2020.

Rogan has interviewed countless athletes and fighters on his podcast, and even has a dedicated series focused on MMA fighters specifically. But, when Mike Tyson was coming to town, Rogan wanted to take some extra precautions.

In his episode with Mark Normand, the pair got to discussing Tyson, prompting Rogan to divulge the truth about his wide desk, seen in all of his episodes.

It turns out, that the desk is particularly wide because of Tyson himself — who was “amped up” for a fight when he came in to be interviewed.

Mike Tyson on Joe Rogan podcast
YouTube: Joe Rogan
Mike Tyson rejoined Rogan on his JRE Podcast in September.

“[Mike Tyson] is the reason why this table is this wide. This table, I was going to make it more narrow, I even had a smaller table that we were working with as a guide,” Rogan explains.

“We were still doing the shows back in LA, while we were setting up this studio, I did an interview with Tyson, and he was so amped up for this Roy Jones fight, that I got nervous being in the room.

“I’m like, ‘I like that extra six inches of space between us, because he was so ramped up. When he left, Jamie goes ‘that’s a totally different person,’ because he went from being, ‘Mike Tyson, pot grower, not working out at all’, to getting ready to go to combat again.”

Tyson has actually appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast twice, once in January 2019, and then again in September 2020.

In the 2019 episode, Tyson likely had no plans of returning to the ring again, but did so in November 2020, as he took on former four-division champ Roy Jones Jr.

The fight resulted in a draw, with two judges picking a different winner, and the final judge matching them evenly on the scorecard. Even at ages 54 and 51 respectively, Tyson and Jones fought a full eight rounds.

Mike Tyson also appeared on Logan Paul’s podcast, where he explained that YouTube boxing fights are one of the biggest boosts to the sport of boxing currently.

Rogan himself is 53, and has revealed that he keeps himself fighting-fit partly in thanks to taking testosterone supplements.