Joe Rogan loses Spotify number 1 spot as new Batman podcast dominates charts

Joe Rogan talking into mic during JRE podcastSpotify/Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience has been knocked off the top spot of Spotify’s podcast charts by a brand-new Batman show, but will it be temporary or a longer-term thing?

For well over a decade, Joe Rogan’s JRE podcast has been one of the most popular shows around, with millions of fans initially watching on YouTube before the UFC commentator signed an exclusive deal with Spotify.

Despite the Spotify exclusivity, the podcast has continued to dominate the charts and regularly takes over the internet whenever Rogan has an interesting take on a topic or a unique guest to talk to – just like how he said he wants Elon Musk to buy TikTok if his deal for Twitter goes through.

So, it is pretty unusual to see him dethroned from the top spot on Spotify’s most popular podcast charts. However, it has happened once again, as Rogan has fallen behind a Batman-themed show.

Joe Rogan talking on Joe Rogan podcastSpotify/Joe Rogan
The Joe Rogan Experience is now only available in full on Spotify, after an exclusivity deal was signed.

That’s right, Rogan’s show has lost out – albeit temporarily – to Spotify’s new Batman Unburied show across the US, UK, Australia, Mexico, India, and a handful of other nations.

The drama podcast, which debuted at the start of May, has only consisted of two episodes to this point, but that has been enough to take Rogan’s spot.

As noted, the JRE podcast has been dethroned in the past by Minecraft stars SapNap and KarlJacobs, as well as the It’s Always Sunny Podcast, but he typically only slides as far as second place. In the UK, though, Rogan has fallen to fourth overall for the time being, which is pretty unusual.

Screenshot of Spotify podcast charts for May 2022Screenshot via Spotify
In the UK, Rogan’s show has fallen way down the charts.

Now, just because he’s lost out on the number one spot again doesn’t mean that Spotify will be rushing to rip up Rogan’s massive exclusivity contract. Far from it.

Despite some controversy, both parties have benefited pretty well from the deal – with the streaming service getting a massive influx of subscribers since signing Rogan up. Plus, it is most likely that the JRE Podcast finds its way back on top before long once a few new episodes drop.