Joe Rogan heaps praise on Jake Paul’s skills amid fight cancelation: “He could be a pro boxer”

Shay Robson

Joe Rogan has given his honest opinions on Jake Paul’s boxing skills, claiming the YouTube star could become a legit pro boxer.

Nobody could’ve imagined where YouTube and TikTok boxing is today. With events starring some of the internet’s biggest stars popping up left, right, and center, millions of people have had their eyes drawn to the combat sport.

One of the biggest names in the game is, of course, Jake Paul, who since his first amateur fight in 2018 has had five professional bouts all resulting in wins for the 25-year-old. However, none of his opponents so far have been professional boxers, which he wanted to change by stepping in the ring with Tommy Fury.

The two were initially set to clash in 2021 before the fight fell through. They were then set to step in the ring on August 6, until history repeated itself again as Fury backed out of the fight.

In short notice, 12-1 pro boxer Hasim Rahman Jr. agreed to step up to the challenge and fill Fury’s boots for the bout at Madison Square Garden. However, the fight was officially canceled on July 31 due to Rahman not being able to meet the weight required.

Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman ppvInstagram: JakePaul
Jake Paul’s fight against Hasim Rahman Jr. was called off amid arguments over overweight cut stipulations in the bout agreement.

Despite the continuous fight cancellations, Joe Rogan has praised the popular YouTuber, and he even believes he has the skill to be a “legit pro boxer.” During a recent podcast, the UFC commentator spoke highly of Jake Paul’s boxing career so far.

“He knocked out Tyron Woodley, who is one of the greatest welterweight champions in the history of the UFC,” Rogan noted. “I mean obviously Tryon Woodley is not a boxer, his background is in wrestling, but you’re still talking about an elite combat sports athlete and Jake Paul flatlined him with one punch,” he added.

“He’s legit, and I’ve watched him hit mits, I’ve watched him workout, I’ve watched him spar. I think he’s legit. I think he could be a legit pro boxer,” Joe explained. “If he wasn’t Jake Paul and you watched his performance against Tyron Woodley, if he was just an up-and-coming boxing contender, I would say that guy is a f***ing killer, keep an eye on him.

“The way he knocked out Tyron Woodley is serious.”

While Paul’s upcoming fight on August 6 was supposedly called off due to Rahman not meeting weight requirements in time, Joe claimed another reason the fight was canceled was that “no one” wanted to see it.

Nonetheless, we have no idea who Jake will be stepping in the ring with next. But, according to Rogan, he has the skills to become a pro boxer. Unfortunately for the YouTube star, if he was to win his fight against Rahman, he would’ve received an official World Boxing Council ranking.