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Joe Rogan explains why he never reads his comments on social media

Published: 7/Nov/2020 15:23

by Daniel Cleary


Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has revealed why he doesn’t like to read any comments on his YouTube videos or other social media sites.

After starting his career with acting and stand-up comedy, Joe Rogan has now become incredibly popular after building up a following through his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, commentating for the UFC, and more.

Having been in the limelight his entire life, Joe Rogan is no stranger to criticism from fans, but has revealed why he chooses to avoid looking at comments on his various social media channels.

Joe Rogan interviewing Conor mcgregor
UFC, YouTube
Joe Rogan has had success with his MMA commentary, stand-up comedy, and more.

During his November 5 podcast, alongside MeatEater star and seasoned hunter, Steven Rinella, the pair had been discussing the effects that social media has had since it was introduced.


Steven Rinella questioned Rogan on his approach to social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, asking why he chooses to “post something and run away,” instead of engaging with his audience online.

After being asked if he also ever “sneaks a peak,” the podcast host quickly denied and revealed that he does not like to read negative comments, particularly at night, claiming that it will have a major impact on his sleep.

Topic starts at 26:00

“Even if I agree with them…I don’t want to read that at night,” he explained, “I don’t mind reading it in the morning and thinking it’s a good point, I could’ve handled that better.”


However, he added that it can also be unhealthy to read during the day, admitting that he already puts enough pressure on himself without fan comments, “I’m my own worst critic, I hate everything I do. So someone is just agreeing with the perspectives that I already have.”

“Most of the things I’m criticized on is like thinking on the fly, like doing this, I don’t have any idea what I’m about to say, we’re just talking,” Rogan shared, “it doesn’t always work out.”

Rogan was heavily criticized for not challenging Kanye West enough on certain topics in their interview, but he also used this as an example of why he avoids social media. He explained he can not always predict which subjects will pop up and revealed the difficulty in remaining consistent across the variety of topics covered on his show.


While certain personalities have different ways of dealing with criticism, it is clear that his strategy has been paying off so far as he continues to grow his podcast.