Joe Rogan explains why he doesn’t understand hype for Off-White shoes

Published: 7/Jan/2020 22:18

by Bill Cooney


Former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan took a shot at the trend-setting Off-White shoe brand during a January 7 episode of his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Off-White is a fashion label founded by American creative designer Virgil Abloh, which features large, red tags on its shoe crossovers.

Rogan brought up the brand while talking about buying new shoes for his child, questioning during his podcast why they came with a tag that people prefer not to remove.

NikeOff-White shoes can fetch some high prices, like this pair going for over $1,600 on eBay.

“I was buying a pair of Nikes for my kid, and they’re like, ‘oh those are Off-White,’ and I’m like, what’s up with this green thing?” Rogan told his co-hosts. “They’re like ‘oh you leave that on.’ F*ck you, I’m not leaving this stupid plastic tag on.”

“These are huge, they’re cumbersome, they look dumb,” Rogan continued about the tags. “But they wear them on their shoe. It’s part of the thing, it’s part of the brand.”

After one of his co-hosts tried to reassure Rogan that the trend would be gone in under five years, the host still wondered why it was even here in the first place.

“Why is it here?” Rogan asked before joking about how he would end the fad. “We should go up to these f*cking kids and just cut that off and go, ‘No, we’re about to go to war. They’re making you soft and stupid.'”

He also had an interesting theory about the true origins of the fashion trend, facetiously suggesting it was made to undermine American youth.

“This is probably a plot by the Chinese, the Russians and the Iranians to try and make sure our kids grow dumber and dumber,” Rogan joked. “Probably something that started out on Instagram by one of those IRA, Internet Research Agencies. That’s the people that make all the propaganda from the Russian troll farms.”

Joe Rogan
YouTube: PowerfulJRE
Rogan has discussed shoes several times before on his podcast.

A video from Off-White about the zip ties from 2017 says that there are two ways to deal with them: either cut them off or leave them alone  (super helpful advice).

Rogan isn’t the only one confused by the fashion statement, either: Pop star Justin Bieber was actually stopped by police who thought he had stolen his Off-Whites, since the tag could pass for some kind of security device.


How to change your age on TikTok

Published: 18/Jan/2021 12:21 Updated: 18/Jan/2021 12:39

by Jacob Hale


Earlier in January 2021, TikTok changed the privacy rules regarding accounts for those under the age of 16, so if you need to change your age on the app to have a less restricted version of the platform, here’s how.

It’s very common when signing up to literally any website or application to put your age in wrong. Maybe you accidentally put it a year or two away from your actual date of birth or, in TikTok’s case, signups were bugged, preventing users from putting in their actual DOB.

We’ve seen the impact of this on other platforms — for example, Twitter brand accounts for new startup companies being suspended due to being ‘underage’.

So what’s the deal with TikTok, and how can you change your age on the app?

tiktok mobile app shopping mall
Unsplash: Oliver Bergeron
TikTok introduced new age restriction for users under 16 at the start of 2021.

New TikTok age restrictions 2021

There are two ways for you to change your age on TikTok, though they haven’t made it particularly easy: after all, they don’t want users lying about their age, especially if you’re below the allowed age of 13.

On January 13, 2021, TikTok also strengthened their privacy settings by making every account under the age of 16 private by default, which came just months after the mass ban of multiple underaged accounts.

So, here’s what you can do to change your age.

Contact TikTok about age change

Following the aforementioned mass bans, many users who were actually above the allowed age found themselves banned, too, and TikTok addressed this with advice for users looking to make sure they weren’t banned or restricted.

They advised hitting the ‘Report a Problem’ button in-app or, if you don’t have access, emailing [email protected] with proof of age. This has to be a government-certified identification such as a passport, driving licence, birth certificate etc.

Make a new TikTok account

new tiktok account sign up
If you have wrongly input your age, you could make a new account

If the above isn’t possible, your best bet is to make a new account. To do so, follow these steps to log out of your current one:

  1. Click the ‘Me’ tab
  2. Tap the 3 dots at the top right
  3. Scroll down and select ‘Log Out’
  4. Then you can follow the sign-up instructions to make a new account.

We have to reiterate that we do not advise doing this if you’re planning on cheating the system and lying about your age. These privacy settings were put in place for a reason, and even if you do lie about your age this will eventually be found out anyway.

If you have legitimate concerns that your age or date of birth is wrong in the app, and if it is hindering your experience, then these tips will help.