Joe Rogan explains why Deontay Wilder's costume excuse is "crazy talk" - Dexerto

Joe Rogan explains why Deontay Wilder’s costume excuse is “crazy talk”

Published: 28/Feb/2020 12:28

by Connor Bennett


Joe Rogan has explained why he believes that Deontay Wilder’s claims that his ring walk costume played a part in him losing to Tyson Fury is “crazy talk.”

The highly-anticipated rematch between Wilder and Fury ended up with the British boxer delivering the first loss of the Bronze Bomber’s career as Wilder’s corner threw in the towel after five rounds.

After the fight, the Alabama-born fighter blamed his unique ring walk attire for wearing out his legs and claiming that it had a significant impact on his ability to square off with Fury. However, Joe Rogan isn’t a huge fan of that excuse.


An image of Deontay Wilder in a costume before the second Tyson Fury fight
Screenshot: YouTube/PBC on FOX
Wilder’s ring walk costume sparked some serious debate in the post-fight.

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During his February 27 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, the former Fear Factor host likened Wilder’s experience to himself going hiking with a 45lb Atlas Pack and feeling like he can do anything afterward. 

“The idea that Deontay Wilder with a 40lb outfit on, that it killed his legs walking to the ring is crazy talk. I don’t know why he would say that,” said the UFC commentator.

However, he did admit that “maybe” it was true and it was “possible” that the outfit an impact if he was wearing it for quite some time before entering the ring. “Well, who the f**k would let him put that on if that was that heavy that it was 40 pounds and it got to the point where it actually wore his body out as he’s walking to the ring,” he added.


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Rogan pointed to the third round being the turning point for Wilder’s chances, not the pre-fight build-up. “It might have wore him out but the real big thing happened in the third-round when Tyson Fury, he put that jab in his face and hit him with that beautiful overhand right on the ear and dropped him.”

That shot, coupled with Fury “bombing” on him, according to Rogan, threw off Wilder’s balance and affected his ability to stay in the fight. 

“I could see it having an effect,” said the podcast host when returning to talking about the costume. “How much of an effect is the question. It’s just silly that they let him do it.”


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Talk about a third fight between Wilder and Fury has already run rampant, with the Bronze Bomber supposedly invoking his clause to trigger it happening.

Whether it’ll happen though, especially as Fury has the possibility of a super fight with Anthony Joshua on the card, remains to be seen.