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Joe Rogan explains what surprised him about Elon Musk on iconic podcast

Published: 6/Feb/2020 15:25 Updated: 3/Dec/2020 23:30

by Calum Patterson


Podcast host Joe Rogan has explained how one of his most iconic episodes came about, and his initial surprise at how reserved Elon Musk was when he got in the hot seat.

Back in September 2018, what would become Rogan’s most popular podcast episode ever was first released. Sitting across the desk from him was Tesla and SpaceX mastermind Elon Musk.

The episode, number 1169, has since become iconic for a number of reasons, but no one can forget when the billionaire entrepreneur smoked weed live on the show.

Elon Musk sitting on Joe Rogan's podcast in black t-shirt with headphones on.
YouTube: PowerfulJRE
His podcast with Elon Musk is Rogan’s most popular ever, with almost 30 million views.

It was a fascinating insight into one of the world’s leading minds, but fans have often wondered how Rogan managed to loosen up up the typically coy businessman.

During his February 5 podcast with fellow tech wiz and YouTuber Lex Friedman, Rogan explained how his first encounter with Musk went. Despite being “jovial” beforehand, Musk’s demeanor surprised Rogan once the microphones were turned on.

“It was hard to bring it out of him. In-person, before [the podcast], he was very jovial and friendly, and huggy,” The UFC commentator said. “And then, once he got on the microphone, I was like ‘oh, this heavy lifting, I’ve got to bring this out of him’.”

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It turns out Rogan’s solution to this was rather simple: “So, then we started drinking. It helps a lot. And then, once the drinking [started], then I got to see who he is – he likes drinking,” he laughed.

The pair shared a bottle of whisky between them over the course of the almost three-hour discussion.

What Joe Rogan admires about Elon Musk

The host also went on to explain why he admires Musk so much, especially his mindset. “It’s very difficult to find a replacement for the way he thinks. […] His mind is, clearly, way more advanced than my mind. There’s something going on in his mind, in terms of his attraction to engineering issues, solutions to global problems.”

Joe Rogan is perhaps underplaying his own entrepreneurial success, though. Earlier in February, Forbes reported that he had topped the list of the highest-earning podcasts in 2019, by raking in around $30 million.

His podcast is far and away the most popular on almost any platform anywhere in the world, and guests like Elon Musk are a large part of the reason why.


Streamer goes viral for calling out “disrespectful” Among Us players

Published: 4/Dec/2020 16:53

by Michael Gwilliam


YouTuber and Twitch streamer Julien ‘julien’ Solomita has gone viral for a clip in which he called out Among Us players who are disrespectful towards others in-game.

In the viral clip, which has been viewed over 350,000 times since being uploaded to Twitter on December 4, Julien blasted people who infect his lobbies with negativity or make others feel “unsafe.”

“When I make these lobbies, when I go around and hit up some of my friends, and often times some of my friends’ friends to play Among Us with me, I have one thing in mind: that everyone I’m inviting gets to have fun,” the streamer began his rant.

“Gets to feel welcome. Gets to feel safe. Gets the exact opportunity as everyone else to be listened to. And gets to go home at the end of the night and say that had a good night of gaming,” he continued.

among us death screen
Among Us has become one of the most popular online games.

According to Julien, this mantra should be enforced for new people. “I’ve met more people in the streaming world playing Among Us than I’ve ever met, by far, than any other game,” he explained. “So, when new people are in my lobbies, I try to go extra to out of my way to make those people feel like they’re welcome and they get to have fun.”

Communication can be key in Among Us, so it makes sense that anyone who plays would want to be able to speak freely and not be spoken over. As such, when players aren’t able to get a word in, the experience can be ruined.

This is why the streamer has “zero tolerance” for the “normalization” of disrespecting people in video games.

“Among Us is a game and it’s for fun. It’s not so boys can talk over women. It’s not to make new people in the group feel small or unwelcome. It’s not to win in every game at all costs,” he continued to rant. “It’s a game and it’s for everybody to enjoy.”

He went on to reach out to players who may have been disrespected in online games and hoped that they never experienced that again. “I don’t want anyone here to get the idea that it’s even close to normal for that to be how you feel when you play a video game. That’s not normal. It’s f**king weird, it’s wrong.”

A lot of people have taken Solomita’s message to heart and voiced their agreement in the replies. Hopefully, his words have a lasting effect on players feeling a bit out of touch in online games such as Among Us.