Joe Rogan fans concerned after podcast suddenly disappeared from Spotify

joe rogan experience podcastSpotify/Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience temporarily disappeared from Spotify, just a day after it was revealed how much he may have been paid to stay on the platform. 

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast suddenly disappeared from the streaming app on February 18, 2022, with no explanation from the platform at all.

It turned out to be just hiccup for Spotify, as the show came back online just minutes later. But, due to recent controversy the podcast host has faced recently, many thought this could be something much more serious.

Spotify under fire for JRE

YouTube/Joe Rogan, Spotify
Joe Rogan has been under fire following controversy over what’s been said on his podcast.

Over the first two months of 2022 there was plenty of controversy surrounding Rogan and his show, with Spotify even removing over 70 episodes of the podcast, but at the same time defending the embattled host.

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Rogan himself called getting cancelled a “political hit job” and mocked the controversy in a standup special in February. But, at the same time the host has admitted some of the things he’s said in the past were “idiotic.”

Hours before this glitch happened, it was reported that Spotify spent $200 million to acquire the Joe Rogan Experience for their platform.

joe-rogan-spotify-ceo-cancelSpotify: Joe Rogan / Wikimedia Commons
Spotify’s CEO has said the platform won’t be removing the JRE podcast.

With this vast amount of money invested in the show, and the CEO’s previous comments defending Rogan, the show being outright removed wasn’t very likely, but still caused concern among fans.

Many people on Twitter, including those who aren’t fans of Rogan, speculated this could be it for the podcast, but after just a few minutes all of the episodes were back up and available.

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