Joe Rogan explains how Elon Musk offering to buy Twitter shows he “cares”

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Joe Rogan believes Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter because he “cares” about freedom of speech and is concerned about censorship rather than being motivated purely by financial gain.

After Elon Musk invested $3 billion into Twitter and started pitching ideas to improve the platform, the enigmatic billionaire is reportedly considering buying the company outright. He was going to join the board too, but that fell through.

Joe Rogan was all for him investing in the company, and during a recent episode of The Joe Rogan experience, he claimed Musk’s desire to buy it is motivated because he “cares” about freedom of speech.

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Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan PodcastSpotify: The Joe Rogan Experience
After investing in Twitter, Elon Musk is considering buying it.

“I think he does care. He does. Genuinely,” said Rogan. “He’s concerned about censorship. He said freedom of speech is someone you don’t like saying something you don’t want to hear. He goes, they have to have that right. It’s essential to democracy.”

Rogan thinks most people “objectively agree” with Musk. However, he believes they are too “scared” to speak up because they “see how mobs of people can move in a very negative direction” on social media platforms.

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“They’ve done this campaign over the last few years to silence certain voices and stop aggressive people and stop people being sh***y to people. Some of that is good. But it’s like, where does it end, and how do you know where it ends? You don’t. That’s where it’s weird.”

Rogan believes Musk’s decision to make an offer to buy Twitter was motivated by a desire to change that instead of being purely driven by financial gain. However, the board is reportedly planning to stop it from happening.

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Even if it doesn’t happen, though, Musk remains the largest shareholder in the company today. For that reason, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal said Musk will still influence the company’s decisions, just to a lesser extent.

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