Joe Rogan defends Elon Musk amid Tesla plant criticism

Joe Rogan and ELon Musk on the JRE podcastPowerfulJRE, YouTube

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has defended Elon Musk against recent criticism, after Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Eddie Bravo revealed his doubts about the tech billionaire’s true intentions.

Elon Musk, who only recently appeared on the JRE podcast, has received some backlash in April and May of 2020, over his opinions and actions against some of the lockdown measures in California, after revealing he was eager to get back to work.

During the latest episode of Joe Rogan’s fight companion on May 16, recurring guest Eddie Bravo, who is known for some of his wild theories, explained his concerns about Elon Musk.

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PowerfulJRE, YouTube
Joe Rogan has defended Elon Musk following some recent criticism.

Elon Musk recently announced that he would be resuming operations at one of his Tesla plants, despite many critics arguing against it, and Eddie Bravo posited his theory that it could be part of a plan to extend some of the lockdown measures further.

While he himself hoped his theory would turn out to be incorrect, Eddie turned to Joe for his opinions on the latest criticisms and theories around the popular entrepreneur.

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“Eddie you have to listen to his words and see what his actions are,” Joe explained in defense of Musk. “He – against the government of California – opened up his plant. He said, ‘If you’re going to arrest someone, arrest me’.”

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Joe continued to argue on the tech entrepreneur’s behalf, adding, “If you think this is some three-way game it’s ridiculous, the guy invests all his own money in his businesses.”

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“Think about it, who on the planet is more innovative than that guy, that guy is doing crazy s**t man. He’s digging tunnels to Vegas, he’s shooting rockets into space and making these most-insane electric cars,” Rogan said, later highlighting many of Elon’s accomplishments.

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However, he then finished up by assuring Eddie and his viewers that he felt like he had a good understanding of the Tesla CEO after meeting with him on multiple occasions. “I’ve talked to the guy a few times Eddie Bravo, he’s a super genius, they exist.”

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Rogan is clearly a fan of Elon’s work and has invited him to on the podcast twice before with the most recent appearance only days after the birth of the billionaire’s new child.

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