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Jinny breaks down over Twitch viewers asking her to show more skin

Published: 10/Apr/2020 7:27 Updated: 10/Apr/2020 16:07

by Andrew Amos


Korean Just Chatting Twitch streamer ‘Jinnytty’ has broken down on stream after her viewers kept requesting her to “take her clothes off” while doing a Final Fantasy cosplay broadcast.

Jinny was doing a Tifa cosplay, from Final Fantasy, to her adoring Twitch fans. However, as the stream wore on, and more people joined in, the requests started getting more strange.

As people in her chat asked for her to be more “explicit,” the streamer started breaking down, mentioning she was uncomfortable with it all.

Square Enix
Jinny was cosplaying Tifa when the uncomfortable requests started coming through.

The Korean streamer eventually had to take a 10 minute break, with ‘Esfand’ stepping in to run her stream while she got some tissues.

He also reminded her viewers to not bully Jinny, or other streamers, into doing things they don’t want to do.

“It’s cosplay,” he said, while scribbling over a picture of Tifa to block out the character’s midriff. “It’s art. You do the art however you want to do it. It don’t matter. I swear to God you guys have problems.”

When Jinny came back, she was on the verge of tears, making the call to end her stream about an hour early. She was overwhelmed by her chat’s requests, going as far as to call them “humiliating.”

“I’m not comfortable wearing something that is too exposing or revealing. You guys already know that I don’t like showing myself too much on stream.

“I was already doing this [dressing lightly], and then you guys were basically telling me to ‘show more’, ‘take the clothes off’. Why do you say that? It’s so humiliating.

“You guys say a lot of stuff, and troll me, and I don’t feel sh*t. However, this time, I don’t know why, but I tried to cosplay for stream, and I felt like so many people were telling me to just take more clothes off. I’m not your stripper dude.”

After her viewers saw how distraught she was, there was an outpouring of support. She didn’t want it to end this way either, however, and asked for her viewers to be more reserved in future streams.

“I’m just going to go rest. I’m going to turn off the stream. I don’t mind simps, but there is something that cannot be crossed. Just because I accept your jokes and everything doesn’t mean you can cross the line and say all these things.”


Dixie D’Amelio tears up over painful nose surgery aftermath in BTS vlog

Published: 29/Oct/2020 15:15

by Georgina Smith


Dixie D’Amelio has finally released the behind the scenes vlog of her nose surgery from back in September, with the uncomfortable after-effects leaving the much loved TikTok star emotional.

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have taken the TikTok world by storm, very much as a family unit. The sisters, along with their parents, have spread their content wings past TikTok, and into YouTube, the podcast world, and have even dabbled in beauty.

The youngest sister Charli grossed fans out in August when she released a rather gruesome video of her own nose surgery to help fix her breathing, showing a very detailed look of the doctor scraping out pieces of cartilage and septum.

About a month following Dixie received the same procedure in order to fix breathing problems that had accumulated thanks to similar injuries that Charli received. Dixie even had to call out fans who claimed she was ‘copying’ Charli for getting surgery, despite the fact that the procedure was not cosmetic.

Dixie D'Amelio gets nose surgery
Twitter: Dixie D'Amelio
Dixie postponed her nose surgery because she wanted to continue playing sports.

After waiting for over a month, Dixie has now finally unveiled the behind the scenes vlog of the lead up to her surgery on her YouTube channel, and it’s safe to say it wasn’t a particularly fun experience.

She included videos of the consultations between her and her surgeon, with him demonstrating that that main point of the surgery was to correct a twist in the septum that was caused by sporting incidents that led to a whopping 14 concussions.

Dixie D’Amelio shares negative side effects of surgery

The immediate after-effects were clearly uncomfortable, Dixie saying “I cried right after surgery because I wanted to go home so bad. And I just wanna snort, I wanna breathe in so deep but there’s cotton on my nose. And my forehead’s itchy but it’s also numb.”

In a slightly delirious video taken in the mirror, Dixie said “I keep crying and I don’t know why,” but even after an uncomfortable looking cough, continues to sing “keep your head up, it’s bedtime.”

While the star seemed in relatively light spirits initially, all things considered, things quickly took a turn for the worst the next day, when she said that “I had such a rough night trying to sleep.”

“My nose doesn’t hurt at all, but I have an awful migraine, and I get really bad migraines, so that’s just where all my pain is right now.” The TikTok star also admitted that she “couldn’t stop crying last night over my thoughts.”

However, now that time has passed since the surgery, Dixie looks to be in better spirits than ever, much to her fans’ relief. In the description of her vlog, she also thanked her surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia for “doing such an amazing job and making me feel so comfortable from beginning to end!”

Dixie D’Amelio is a TikTok influencer with over 42 million followers on the app. She and her younger sister Charli D’Amelio have garnered a combined follower count of a whopping 137 million followers.