JiDion reveals plans to move to the UK “soon”

Emma Hill
JiDion speaking on No Jumper YouTube podcastYouTube: No Jumper

YouTuber JiDion has claimed that he is eager to move over to the UK from the US, explaining that he finds the attitude towards creators in the UK more friendly.

American influencer JiDion hasn’t always limited his antics to the US. The creator, known for his prank-fuelled content, has also shaken things up in various countries.

He caused a storm in Amsterdam at TwitchCon 2022 after he supposedly harassed TommyInnit fans following his indefinite ban from the platform. Although, he denied any such accusations. He’s also been banned for life from Wimbledon after trolling a tennis match during his visit to London.

However, the ban clearly didn’t get in the way of JiDion enjoying himself in the UK. So much so, the star claimed he “definitely” wants to move to the British Isles in the near future.

JiDion plans to “definitely” move to UK

Speaking on the No Jumper podcast on August 2, JiDion shared his experiences meeting fans in the US compared to the UK. In particular, how they treat his team members such as his cameraman.

“[One] thing I love about the UK is like they will see him,” JiDion claimed. “Here in America all they do to him is see him and say ‘here, can you take a picture of us?’ They don’t even ask they just already hand the phone over.”

However, in the UK, JiDion claimed fans also show enthusiasm to his camera team. He added: “UK love is so, so different. I love it so much. I’m going to move there soon. I’m going to move there definitely. I love the UK.”

(Topic begins at 40:28 in the video)

JiDion also claimed that he wasn’t enjoying his time in LA. Although, he was there to film a “very big project” that was going to take him “and someone else to the next level.”

But, the 21-year-old explained that he only sees his vlogging career as a temporary period before he plans to potentially retire. Yet, he is “grateful” for the opportunities his career has given him.

JiDion didn’t specify when exactly he plans to move to the UK. Although, it will no doubt be exciting news for his fans across the pond.