JiDion reveals he wanted to box Hasan on KSI vs Alex Wassabi undercard

Jidion wanted to box Hasan on KSI undercardYouTube: JiDion, HasanAbi

YouTube star JiDion revealed that he’d planned to fight Twitch streamer Hasan on the undercard of KSI’s upcoming boxing match — but things fell through.

British YouTuber and rapper KSI is set to face off against American influencer Alex Wassabi in the boxing ring on August 27.

Other online creators are also slated to touch gloves on the car and controversial YouTuber JiDion was almost one of them.

JiDion has made a home for himself on YouTube after being permanently banned on Twitch, which came about as a result of him orchestrating a sexist hate raid against popular female streamer Pokimane earlier this year.

JiDion has since made amends with Pokimane, and remains banned on Twitch to this day — but he’s accrued another influencer beef in the interim with Twitch streamer Hasan.

jidion pokimaneJiDion
JiDion and Pokimane made up in a viral collab video.

Their feud sparked after JiDion uploaded a video in which he visited the “Most Racist Town in America,” where he had a surprisingly positive opinion about his experience there. Hasan, however, felt JiDion was minimizing the issue and was primarily “worried about making clickbait stuff and doing comedy.”

This would have been the perfect launchpad for an influencer boxing match — but JiDion says that he wanted to box Hasan before their tiff even started.

“I actually wanted to be on the KSI undercard,” he said in an episode of the No Jumper podcast. “I was trying to think of an opponent that would be great, and I was like, ‘I gotta fight someone on Twitch.'”

“I didn’t want to fight someone who was, you know, 150 soaking wet. I want a challenge. The only person on Twitch that I could think of that’s a big body is Hasan, so I was like, let me hit up Hasan.”

(Topic begins at 58:31)

So, he did just that — but unfortunately, Hasan wasn’t interested and declined the offer.

For now, it looks like the two have largely made up. The two influencers even ran into each other at TwitchCon, where Hasan warned JiDion that he might get expelled from the event due to his Twitch ban… but he actually got kicked out for a totally different reason that saw him enter into another feud with one of Minecraft’s biggest stars.