JiDion claims social security number and driver’s license were exposed by hackers

JiDion reveals SSN and ID were leaked by hackersYouTube: JiDionPremium

YouTube star JiDion claims his social security number and driver’s license were exposed by hackers who took over control of his cell phone.

JiDion is currently in the middle of broadcasting his prank war with fellow creator Niko Omilana in their YouTube series ‘The Biggest Menace‘ — but their project was interrupted by the schemes of a hacker.

On April 17, JiDion uploaded a YouTube video telling a harrowing story about how his personal information was leaked online by a hacker who took control of his social media accounts and his personal smartphone.

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The YouTuber was in Uvalde, Texas when he was informed that his Twitter account appeared to have been compromised.

JiDion wants boxing match with Joe WellerYouTube: JiDionPremium
JiDion is a popular YouTuber best known for his over-the-top pranks.

The hacker posted JiDion’s social security number and driver’s license to the profile… but that was far from the end of their malicious escapades.

JiDion’s personal information leaked by hackers

The hacker even took over JiDion’s secondary Instagram account, where they posted explicit content on top of the YouTuber’s personal information before going on to ‘SIM swap’ his phone and taking control of the device.

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This prompted JiDion to visit a store from his cell provider. While there, he was met by two fans, who promised they wouldn’t leak his location… but they seem to have lied, as “a hundred” or so fans showed up to the store while JiDion was trying to sort out the hacking situation.

Law enforcement got involved shortly thereafter and gave him a ride to the local police station. There, JiDion filed a police report against the hacker, and now claims he’s working with authorities to take legal action against them.

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However, JiDion claims that he’s not the only victim of this hacker’s schemes. He says that the hacker is “going after other creators,” and warned viewers to make sure two-factor authentication is enabled on their phones to help avoid becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud.

The YouTuber also stated that his lawyer advised him to create a video about the ordeal that will go up on his main channel sometime in the future.

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This latest news follows JiDion’s arrest during a live stream on April 16 after a warrant went out for his arrest for “criminal trespassing.”

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