Jessica Nigri takes over the Night's Watch in risque Game of Thrones cosplay - Dexerto

Jessica Nigri takes over the Night's Watch in risque Game of Thrones cosplay

Published: 16/Apr/2019 22:28

by Alan Bernal


Popular cosplayer Jessica Nigri released an incredible collage of her new Game of Thrones outfit in time for Season 8’s release complete with a canine companion.

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With the premiere for Game of Thrones’ final season airing on April 15, cosplayers have been going wild with their interpretations for the series’ more popular characters but none have been as stunning as Nigri’s take.

Nigri is definitely one of, if not the most, popular cosplayer in the scene and every one of her new releases generate a ton of attention for her more risque takes of iconic franchises.

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Jessica Nigri TwitterA majestic solo pose showing off Nigri’s take on Jon Snow.

New Lord Commander of the Watch

Nigri posted her take on a genderbent Jon Snow on Twitter with a simple caption saying: “The North Remembers…”

The cosplayer chose an all leather design for her gloves, boots as well as tunic, while fashioning Snow’s scar fixed above and below her left eye.

Even though fans might not think her outfit will keep her warm on the Wall, she’s come ready for anything thrown her way with the help of a familiar sword and canine.

Nigri’s cosplay goes down to the last detail

Featured in the images are Jon Snow’s trusty sword, Longclaw, and an actual wolf taking the place of Snow’s albino direwolf, Ghost.


Always one to go above and beyond for her cosplays, Nigri enlisted the help of the organization Project Wild Song to acquire safe close encounters with the majestic wolf prominently featured in her shots.

The two are seen in a few different pictures that show them keeping an ever vigilant watch ahead to them sharing an intimate moment.

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Jessica Nigri InstagramWolf and master take a moment of repose.

It looks like Nigri’s group even color corrected the wolf’s eyes a bit to more closely resemble Ghost’s red eyes for better accuracy.

Hopefully we’ll get to see more top-tier cosplays like this as Game of Thrones’ last season unfolds with inevitable twists and surprises.