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Jessica Nigri finally debuts risque Sonic the Hedgehog cosplay

Published: 25/Jun/2019 19:08 Updated: 25/Jun/2019 19:24

by Alan Bernal


Popular cosplayer Jessica Nigri unveiled a complete look at her new Sonic the Hedgehog outfit that gives the Speed Demon a risque twist, which looks way better than anything Paramount Pictures has put out so far.

Nigri is undoubtedly one of the cosplaying scene’s more recognizable personalities. The cosplayer not only creates some of the most inventive twists to characters from anime, games and more, but her humorous candor to her designs typically resonates with fans.

With people still apprehensive about how the major motion picture will turn out, fans have been anticipating her cosplay for a bit seeing as she teased a “stupid sexy Sonic with exaggerated people teeth” in response to the memes

Nigri’s Sonic cosplay is quickly becoming a favorite among fans

In a June 25 reveal, Nigri showed off her Sonic the Hedgehog design which seems to have been a direct response to the hate that the upcoming movie-Sonic received, as explained in her post.

“I have always always wanted to make a Sonic cosplay,” Nigri said. “SO WHEN THE INTERNET YELLED NO at the NEW ONE, I said HECK! I made this so quickly after the internet ripped SANIC apart but I wanted a cool location for the shoot! SO I HAD TO WAIT.”

Jessica Nigri InstagramSonic the Hedgehog got a great risque design from one of the best cosplayers around.

Her cosplay features a pair a white gloves that cut over her elbow. While its a small nod, Sonic fans will be quick to point out how Nigri’s rendition at least paid respects to that detail, rather than having the arms completely lined with blue fur.

The cosplayer also included some rings and gems throughout as a homage to the in-game features that the World’s Fastest Hedgehog tends to speed through to collect.

Jessica Nigri InstagramA full look at Nigri’s Sonic the Hedgehog design.

Meanwhile, a look at the backside of the design reveals a small tail which is surely used to balance the enormous wig made special for the cosplay.

“I also took a lot of inspiration from some Sonic Super crown art I found during the BOWSETTE phase of the internet,” Nigri said. “This was also my first time making a HUGE ASS WIG and im stoked!”

Jessica Nigri TwitterThe cosplayer gave a look into the individual pieces to the outfit, showing a rather large Sonic wig.

To round out the cosplay, her hedgehog ears are pierced with mini gold rings, while she has on a pair of red heels to compliment Sonic’s iconic sneakers of the same color.

Nigri’s take on Sonic masterfully blends features of the legendary video game character while including charming quirks that makes it an incredible cosplay on its own.


Genshin Impact cosplayer burns it up as flawless Amber

Published: 25/Oct/2020 17:40

by Georgina Smith


A Genshin Impact cosplayer with a keen eye has done a fantastic job of recreating one of the game’s earliest characters, Amber, breathing a real-life edge into the anime-style character.

Genshin Impact took the world by storm in late September when it was released, just when the internet thought there couldn’t possibly be any more viral games to sweep up millions of players like Among Us and Fall Guys did.

The game is an open-world RPG, in a very similar vein to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but with its anime art-style, fascinating storyline, and elemental magic mechanic, the game has managed to solidify itself as an independently brilliant game in its own right.

It is free to play, but users are able to purchase wishes that allow them to take chances at finding their most desired characters from the hugely varied list. One character that does not require any wishes to be made, however, is Amber, among the first characters that you meet and are able to play as in the game.

Genshin Impact cast of characters
Genshin Impact features a vibrant and loveable cast of characters.

We’ve seen some fantastic cosplays of various Genshin characters, including a stunning Jean and a magical Lisa, characters that have proven to be immensely popular since the game’s release.

Amber has been somewhat of a lackluster character for some, and the subject of many memes, but nonetheless she also has many loyal fans who appreciate her for her perky personality and archery skills, along with her convenient fire-based abilities.

Instagram user babsofthegalaxy had a go at recreating the Outrider of the Knights of Favonius, and she did an amazing job at bringing her to life.

Her headdress is an exact replica of Amber’s – two red bunny-like ears that fold slightly, complete with a stunning gold trim that complements the deep red perfectly.

The tiny cropped red jacket looks equally as stylish as it does functional, with flying goggles hung around her neck, and coordinating golds and browns overlaying the red just like the original.

Her corset pulls the attention in the look, sitting perfectly on her waist with brilliantly reflective and intricate gold patterns forming the center-piece. On her hips sit pocket-size bags, and on her legs she sports Amber’s red socks and white boots.

The level of attention to detail in this look is just outstanding, and when comparing babsofthegalaxy to her Genshin counterpart, it’s no wonder that the cosplay went viral on Reddit with 30,000 upvotes.