Jennifer Coolidge joins TikTok and White Lotus fans are obsessed

Jennifer Coolidge goes viral on TikTok with Jennifer Lopez collabTikTok: jennifercoolidge

Jennifer Coolidge just joined TikTok, and her very first video is already going viral thanks to her hilarious rendition of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Jenny from the Block’ music video.

Jennifer Coolidge is a pop culture icon. Although the actress has appeared in multiple films and television series over the years, she’s getting a major second wind thanks to her award-winning performance in HBO’s show ‘White Lotus.’

Now, she’s winning hearts on social media after joining TikTok in late January… and her humor is making diehard fans love her even more.

On January 20, Coolidge uploaded her very first video to the platform honoring Jennifer Lopez’s 2002 music video for her song ‘Jenny from the Block.’

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Jennifer Coolidge takes over TikTok with Jennifer Lopez collab

Of course, both women share the same name — but it’s Coolidge’s framing of the song as a spoken-word “poem” and her dramatic reading of the pop song that’s sending viewers over the edge.

It gets even better, as Coolidge slowly pans the camera over to show a nonplussed Jennifer Lopez who says, “I like that. I really, really like that.”

Coolidge’s video has already racked up over 7 million views, and her profile boasts a whopping 800,000 followers. Not bad for someone who just signed up for TikTok!

Her unexpected collab with J-Lo also comes as a humorous surprise to longtime fans of Coolidge, who will likely remember the actress’s unforgettable performance as Hillary Duff’s evil stepmom in ‘A Cinderella Story.’ (“Droughts are for poor people. Do you think J-Lo has a brown lawn?”)

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do you think jlo has a brown lawnWarner Bros. Pictures

Fans were here for their joint video and sounded off in the comments section about their excitement for her forthcoming videos.

“Not since Leslie Jordan have I been so excited to see someone join TikTok,” one user wrote.

“Only Jennifer Coolidge would be able to master TikTok on her first TikTok,” another said.

Fans are excited about Jennifer Coolidge being on TikTok copyTikTok: jennifercoolidge

Still, others couldn’t help but type “mom” in all caps, professing their undying love for one of TikTok’s overnight icons.

It’s unclear what’s next for Coolidge’s TikTok content, but one thing’s for sure… fans are really happy she’s on the platform.

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