JennaLynnMeowri banned on Twitch after wearing a bunny suit while live

Meowri content creator on InstagramInstagram: jennalynnmeowri

Content creator JennaLynnMeowri has been hit with a brief Twitch ban after going live in a bunny suit outfit just after the Easter holidays.

After a number of years streaming on the Amazon-backed platform, content creator Meowri has just been handed her first Twitch ban. Hours after teasing fans on social media with a ‘playboy bunny cocktail stream,’ one in which she would be wearing a bunny suit, the popular figure was swiftly removed from the streaming site.

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“Got banned for a bunny suit,” Meowri shared on Twitter moments after being struck offline against her will. Looking to appeal the punishment right away, a follow-up revealed further details on the ban itself. As a 24-hour suspension, her account is set to be restored on April 11.

From Twitch’s perspective, the bunny suit was classified as ‘inappropriate attire’ for the live stream, thus voiding the platform’s terms of service. A contentious point that many began to argue in the replies on Twitter.

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“Others stream in bunny suits though,” fellow content creator susu chimed in. Answering back, Meowri suggested some particularly bitter viewers may have forced Twitch’s hand in landing the very first strike on her account. “Wouldn’t be surprised if someone botted the report feature,” she said.

However, others replied with similar experiences, with one particular internet celeb, Holly Wolf, outlining how she was allegedly banned on Twitch for the same thing. Though rather than actually streaming live in a bunny suit, she was instead banned for merely wearing one in her profile picture, she claimed. “It’s those damn exposed hips.”

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At the time of writing, the ban remains in effect, with Meowri’s Twitch account currently disabled on the platform. However, should the appeal be successful in time, there’s every chance she’s reinstated before long. At the very least, the content creator will be free to return to Twitch as of April 11.

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