Jenna Marbles sends care package to terminally ill TikTok fan

Lawrence Scotti
jessica hiatt jenaa marbles
Jessica Hiatt/Jenna Marbles

TikToker Jessica Hiatt, who is battling terminal cancer, was shocked when she received a care package in the mail from former YouTube star Jenna Marbles which included tons of merch and even a signed picture of her with her fiance Julien Solomita.

Although Jenna Marbles stepped away from her YouTube career almost two years ago now, she still has tons of adoring fans.

One of those fans is Jessica Hiatt, a TikToker with over 450k followers on the video-sharing app. Jessica posted a video on February 20 explaining how much of a fan she is of Jenna Marbles.

“I have terminal cancer, and I don’t have a lot of time left, and I wanted to share with her how she touched my life. She was one of the people that I tuned into to see every week on YouTube, she was so herself, she made my life better.”

Jenna Marbles sends gift to fan with cancer

The touching message to Jenna didn’t go unheard, as just three days later, on February 23, Jessica posted a video showing a care package that the famed YouTuber and her fiance Julien had sent her.

Jessica showed off the package which included a signed picture of the couple, a mug, a shirt, and a set of pins.

The TikToker shared a heartfelt thank you to Jenna and Julien for the gifts, “I’m so happy, thank you so much!”

Even with Jenna stepping away from content creation she’s still active online and in touch with her fan base, and certainly made Jessica’s day a bit brighter with her touching gift.