Jeffree Star’s controversial palette under fire for “formula change”

Jeffree Star holds up the miniature version of his latest palette.YouTube: Jeffree Star

YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star is facing backlash, yet again, over what fans claim is a potential change in the formula of his latest eyeshadow palette in comparison to its travel-sized version.

Jeffree Star sparked backlash across the internet in mid-August upon the release of his new eyeshadow palette — or, more specifically, over the product’s name, which we cannot repeat here for obvious reasons.

Many critics lashed out at the beauty guru over his choice of name for the palette, with quite a few arguing that the product could alienate his younger fans due to its inappropriate nature.

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However, that’s not where the controversy ends; the miniature-sized version of the divisive palette is also coming under scrutiny after a few buyers claim the handheld iteration boasts a significantly different formula than its parent product.

Fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns over the matter, with many claiming that the colors in the mini palette were “crumbly” and even contained foreign objects.

“Help!” one user wrote. “The shades Glass Wet and Foam Party in my mini **** palette have little pellets in them and crumble everywhere, they are unusable.”

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“Is my mini **** palette supposed to have these little pellets in the shadows?” another asked, uploading a photo of their travel-sized version of the product.

Still another claimed that certain colors had “no payoff” — meaning the shade wasn’t as pigmented or impressive as it originally seemed.

Still others claim that the original palette has issues of its own, with one buyer stating that the shades were loose in the individual pots of their product.

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While Star has yet to respond to these claims, he isn’t the first makeup mogul to come under fire for alleged formula changes, by far; fellow YouTuber and beauty star Jaclyn Hill also received backlash in March after fans felt the formula for one of her signature Morphe collaborations was significantly altered.

While Morphe themselves claimed that Hill was not aware of the changes made to her palette, that didn’t stop her from being on the receiving end of fans’ ire — and it looks like the outrage around Jeffree Star isn’t going to stop anytime soon, either.

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