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Jeffree Star sparks rumors after claiming NBA players are in his DMs

Published: 11/Mar/2020 16:29

by Jacob Hale


Make-up and beauty influencer Jeffree Star has responded to a mocking tweet by claiming that he currently has three NBA players in his DM’s, and social media immediately went wild.

Jeffree Star has never been one to shy away from attention, having built a loyal fanbase and huge career out of his forthright nature alongside his talent and eye for what is and isn’t great.

Now, he has responded to a tweet mocking him to exemplify that no matter what you say about him, he will always be able to one-up you.

Instagram: jeffreestar
Jeffree Star has 17.5m subscribers on YouTube.

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A Twitter user posted a screenshot of him searching for Star’s height, which returned the fact that he is 6’1”, saying that “bro was playing with the wrong balls,” a clear dig at his homosexuality.


Although the user clearly thought he had made a great joke, Star’s sassy response made it even better, by reversing the basketball joke and proving that he is a star true to his name.

Before thanking them for their concern, Jeffree said that “there are currently three NBA players in [my] DM‘s right now,” not needing to say any more to prove that he had come off looking better – and sparking up a Twitter storm.

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Many people responded to the tweet saying that Jeffree is “capping,” not believing that he would have any NBA stars DM’ing him for any reason, while some fans even responded to it hoping it wasn’t their players, perhaps wanting them to focus on clinching an NBA playoff spot instead of DM’ing influencers.


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Of course, it’s hard to tell whether or not Star is telling the truth. It would be very odd to lie about, but stranger things have happened and with his recent split from long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, he might be looking for a new man in his life.

If there are any NBA players in his DMs, it would be super interesting to find out who – but it seems that information might be staying in the DMs for now.