Jeffree Star slams critics after being accused of mistreating his dogs

Jeffree Star, YouTube

YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star is a known dog lover, owning a grand total of six Pomeranian pooches, who recently became a topic of controversy after one pup fell ill.

Star’s four Pomeranians, Diva, Delicious, Drama and Da Vinci, have received two new siblings, with the YouTuber welcoming a duo of puppies earlier this month.

However, these most recent additions to his furry family aren’t the topic of current drama, as Star revealed that his eleven-year-old Diva has been dealing with tummy trouble in a Tweet on April 17.

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Jeffree Star, Instagram
YouTuber Jeffree Star is a noted dog lover, dubbing his home the “Pomeranian Palace” due to owning six of the fluffy breed.

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“My eleven-year-old dog, Diva, is at the vet right now with swollen abdominal issues, so they are giving him medicine and an ultrasound and X-Rays,” he revealed. “He’s smiling and in really good spirits. I’m probably more nervous than he is.”

Despite his affirmations that Diva was being well taken care of by a veterinarian, one fan appeared to accuse the YouTuber of mistreating his pomeranians by feeding them low-quality food in a backhanded reply to his post.

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“I love you Jeffree Star, but your dogs seem to have a lot of issues,” the critic replied. “What are you feeding your babies? Hope it’s not fast (processed) food! Honey! Hope all is well!”

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Like any protective pet parent, Star clapped back at the critic’s insinuations, taking special care to note his dog’s age and the fact that Diva and his siblings are given only the best care under the roof of his “Pomeranian Palace.”

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“Wow, I’m signing off the internet for today,” Star wrote. “Diva is ELEVEN and has had a perfect life. Just sharing him being sick when all the other dogs are fine is scary and worrisome. And I’m not acknowledging the food, they are treated like royalty.”

Jeffree Star, Twitter
Star was quick to clap back at a commenter accusing him of feeding his Pomeranian pups low-quality food.

While Jeffree has since deleted his Tweet responding to the critic, fans have since come out en masse against the comment, similarly noting how well he treats his pups and that the breed tends to have health issues.

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Diva’s recent stint at the vet follows the passing of Star’s late Pomeranian, Diamond, in 2019 — so it comes as little surprise that he’d be worried about another one of his furry friends, after taking such a difficult loss just over a year ago.

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