Jeffree Star responds after Kim K is accused of copying his eyebrows

Jeffree Star reacts to Kim K's eyebrowsYouTube: Jeffree Star / Instagram: @kimkardasian

The one and only Kim Kardashian took a daring leap with her eyebrow look, and it doesn’t seem like the internet — nor Jeffree Star — were huge fans of the change.

It’s not every day that one of the world’s biggest celebrities decides to bleach their eyebrows, but that’s exactly what reality TV star Kim Kardashian decided to do on April 29, 2021.

Revealing the shocking look to her Twitter followers, Kim explained that she’d bleached her brows for a special photoshoot, showing progress photos up until the final product.

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It’s certainly a big change; Kim’s signature dark hair and eyebrow combo has been par for the course for much of her career, so seeing her boasting barely-there brows gave off an almost hairless vibe that had many comparing her to makeup mogul Jeffree Star.

Jeffree Star is known for shaving off his brows to create exactly the makeup looks he wants — whether that be bright pink brows or something more demure.

Kim’s latest photo spawned a ton of hilarious comments, with quite a few Twitter users claiming she was attempting to imitate Star in an effort to get back ex-husband Kanye West — a joke that spawned due to romance rumors that spawned between the two in January.

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Luckily, the entire ordeal was proven false after TikToker Ava Louise admitted she made it all up for the lulz (and allegedly made quite a bag from the rumor mill, too).

Despite this fact, it isn’t stopping the internet from poking fun at Kim’s dramatic new look, which she has already reversed with a return to her normal brown eyebrows.

As for what Jeffree Star has to say on the subject? The YouTuber-turned-makeup millionaire appeared to find the entire thing hilarious, as evidenced by his response to a Tweet referencing the Star/Kanye rumors from earlier this year.

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“Time to log off for the day…” Star wrote, and even added an alien emoji to further drive the point home.

Not everyone can pull off the eyebrow-less look like Star can, but we have to admire Kim for taking a daring leap with her usual style — even if the internet was clearly against the change.

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