Jeffree Star pleads with stalkers to stop coming to his home: “I’m asking nicely”

Jeffree Star pleads with stalkersYouTube: Jeffree Star

YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star is pleading with stalkers to stop showing up at his second home in Wyoming following his “severe” car accident just two weeks ago.

Being a top-tier influencer can certainly seem like a charmed life. Having millions of followers, extremely profitable brand deals and living a luxurious lifestyle are all huge benefits to the career, after all.

However, not everything about being a social media star is a plus; a significant portion of influencers have come out with horror stories of being stalked and harassed due to their online fame… and now, another huge name has come out with similar claims.

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Jeffree Star, YouTube sensation and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, released a pointed message to his “stalkers” in late April 2021, politely but firmly asking that they refrain from showing up at his second residence in Wyoming.


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“I never thought that I would have to come on here and make an announcement like this,” Star stated in an Instagram story. “But I feel like some of my friends back home in LA when they come on here and are simply saying, please stop coming to my house.”

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“I never thought I would have to make this statement in the least populated state in America, but if you live in Wyoming — even if you don’t live in Wyoming, if you live in the nearby states — if you know where I live, please, I’m asking nicely, please stop showing up.”

Those turning up at Star’s home are actually quite brave, considering the YouTuber-turned-makeup mogul hired armed guards to stand watch over his home in 2019 after similar circumstances took place.

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“You know girl, people are crazy nowadays, so I just gotta be fully protected y’all,” Star said after admitting to his 24-hour security detail. “You can’t play any games nowadays.”

This latest stalking incident comes after Star’s serious car accident on April 18, when the YouTuber’s Rolls Royce was flipped due to icy roads.

While he’s in good health now, it seems that stalkers are still finding ways to invade his privacy — and it’s clear he’s not interested in entertaining them.

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