Jeffree Star hits back at harassment after palette name controversy

Virginia Glaze
Jeffree Star speaks to the camera while holding a hand mirror.
YouTube: Jeffree Star

YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star is hitting back at online harassment after catching flak for the name of his most recent eyeshadow palette — but it doesn’t look like he’s letting the haters bring him down.

Jeffree Star has long been a subject of contention among internet circles, with the beauty guru recently coming under scrutiny for his supposed involvement in the scandal against YouTuber James Charles in summer 2019.

Now, Star is facing criticism for the name of his latest eyeshadow palette (a name that we can’t publish here, for obvious reasons). With critics slamming Star for the label’s potential effect on younger makeup fans, he was met with backlash on all sides — even receiving some potential threats, as well.

In a series of Tweets published on August 24, Star claimed that he has received some seriously disturbing hate messages, some of which apparently even asked him to end his own life.

“I wonder if the people who constantly tell me to kill myself every minute of the day ever get tired or hungry?” he posed to the internet.

That’s not all; Star also dispelled rumors of paying off anyone he’s currently seeing, writing, “I know it’s devastating news for some people, but I don’t give money to anyone I’m dating or anyone who is f***ing me. Work on your own insecurities sis, I’m not the problem.”

Finally, Star ended his tangent with another quip: “Worry about how to pay your own bills, not who’s in my mouth. Thank you, God bless – Upper management.”

This continues Star’s unbothered attitude toward peoples’ opinions of him, a trend that has spanned his entire career, but became a point of contention following accusations of having orchestrated the drama against James Charles last year.

Showing off new images of him posing atop Louis Vuitton trunks and posted up on his private jet, Star seemed quite beyond the hate at the time — and while he had an explanation for his latest palette’s divisive name, isn’t going to give critics the satisfaction of renaming it.