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Jeffree Star clears up alleged robbery at his warehouse

Published: 26/Jan/2021 19:01

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star has spoken out after an alleged robbery alert at his business was released via social media, leading many fans to believe his warehouse had been broken into, once again.

Jeffree Star is a huge name in the beauty industry. Boasting his own makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the influencer-turned-beauty guru has built a massive makeup empire with a reputation to match.

However, Star’s business isn’t always getting the right kind of attention; the line became the victim of a massive robbery in 2019, with the culprits reportedly stealing and selling $2.5 million worth of his products — including an unreleased concealer — on the internet.


Two years later, fans became worried again when an alert went out via the Citizen App, which claimed that a robbery had taken place at the Jeffree Star Cosmetics warehouse on the night of January 25.

The claims went unconfirmed for some time until Star addressed the situation via a series of Instagram stories, explaining that there hadn’t actually been a robbery, after all.

Instead, Star stated that one of his employees had accidentally set off a silent alarm — which, as protocol demands, saw the involvement of law enforcement as a safeguard, in case the alarm had actually been set off in response to a real threat.


“If you listen to the dispatch call, she says that a silent alarm went off, which is true,” Star explained. “One of my employees set one off on accident. It’s always protocol to come and check and alert the police that there may be something wrong, obviously.”

“Thank you to the police of Chatsworth for checking up on us, but nothing happened, and it was an accident,” he continued. “So, for everyone that was wishing it were true, you’re sick in the head.”

Star has been accused of “faking” the robbery on his warehouse in 2019, with a few vocal critics claiming he made the entire ordeal up as a way to distract from previous scandals and even alleged that had only suffered $10,000 in losses, as opposed to the $2.5 million figure he initially gave his viewers.


Star himself, however, has been adamant that this is not the case, and stands by his story to this day.