Jeffree Star slams people “bullying” Britney Spears amid makeup praise backlash

Jeffree Star next to Britney SpearsYouTube: Jeffree Star / Instagram: britneyspears

Beauty guru Jeffree Star has slammed people who are “bullying” Britney Spears after she uploaded an Instagram post praising him for his makeup products, which she later went on to delete.

Singer Britney Spears’ conservatorship was finally terminated in November after 13 years, following passionate campaigning from fans around the world.

Among those to congratulate the iconic star on her newfound freedom was beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star, who appeared to have sent the star a gift consisting of some of the products from his wildly popular makeup company, Jeffree Star cosmetics.

Spears went on to upload an Instagram post thanking Star for the products, writing: “Thank you for sending me the coolest makeup ever!” Spears wrote. “I won’t say it to sound self-righteous or anything, but Jeffree Star’s Holy Mist is the BOMB! … Jeffree Star, you are a genius!”

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Britney Spears Instagram post Jeffree StarInstagram: Britney Spears
Britney Spears deleted an Instagram post praising Jeffree Star’s makeup line.

However, the post was quickly met with backlash from those who cited his past controversies, which eventually led to her deleting the post altogether.

On November 20, Jeffree responded to the hate Britney was receiving in an Instagram story.

“It’s crazy that someone who has been in a mental prison for 13 years finds joy in something and y’all gotta bully her into deleting her post,” he said. “That is so sad.”

He went on to say: “You guys know I never touch on these types of subjects anymore. I’m so past ‘drama’ and ‘tea.’ But this isn’t drama, this is mental health. This is literally a woman that was locked in her house, and has been through hell. And she was bullied for liking a makeup product. Isn’t that crazy? Because some of you motherf**kers can’t let go of what happened 20 years ago in my past.”

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Many commenters seem to agree with Jeffree’s stance, but at the time of writing, Britney has yet to comment on his response. Jeffree says he plans on uploading a video about the situation.