Jeffree Star accused of “stealing” mascara design from small brand

Georgina Smith
Jeffree Star in a YouTube video
YouTube: Jeffree Star

A small brand owner on TikTok has claimed that beauty guru Jeffree Star ‘stole’ the design for his new mascara from her – though not everyone is convinced by the accusations.

Jeffree Star is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. While his career has gone down many different routes, he is best known for being a beauty YouTuber, as well as the owner of the wildly popular Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

While his products regularly sell out relatively quickly after launch, he has faced various different controversies in the past regarding various different issues with his products.

This has ranged from people finding defects in certain shades or having issues with some of his mature product names.

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YouTube: Jeffree Star
Jeffree is a huge name in the YouTube beauty community, as well as the makeup industry.

Following the launch of Jeffree’s ‘F**k Proof Mascara,’ TikTok user and owner of beauty brand Heaux Cosmetics, Lydia Dupra, claimed that the beauty mogul had stolen the idea from her.

“Normally I wouldn’t care as much as I actually do,” she explained, “but he’s advocated so hard about protecting indie brands that it just seems hypocritical.”

Lydia explained that her company had been making makeup with a similar theme for over a year. In a follow-up video, the brand owner claimed that Jeffree trademarked “F**k Proof” less than a month after she tagged him in a post about her company in an attempt to send him a PR box.

She also said, “for those of you saying, ‘he trademarked it in 2019,’ cool, my company came out in 2019.”

This is in response to people finding evidence that Jeffree filed to trademark “F**k Proof” in September 2019.

However, many were dubious about the small business owner’s claims. One commenter said: “I literally don’t support Jeffree at ALL but he has a whole production team and I can almost guarantee you that he doesn’t know you at all.”

Others defended Lydia, saying: “girl, you have every reason to be upset! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

Jeffree has yet to respond to the claims.