Jeff Wittek calls Josh Richards & BFF podcast “morons” over accident comments

. 1 year ago
Josh Richards and Jeff Wittek speaking into microphones
YouTube: BBFs Podcast / Jeff Wittek

YouTuber Jeff Wittek has called out Josh Richards and the BFFs podcast for saying they think he’s releasing his documentary to “pile up the views” and get money.

On April 22, Jeff released the second part of his ongoing documentary in which he explained the events that led up to the accident that damaged his eye, and almost killed him.

He released shocking footage of David Dobrik swinging him around from an excavator, with the insane speeds ultimately resulting in the accident.

The series is following Jeff’s journey of recovering from his injuries and healing mentally after the terrifying experience, garnering millions of views on each episode.

However, in episode 27 of the BFFs podcast, TikToker Josh Richards along with fellow hosts Dave Portnoy and Brianna LaPaglia felt that the YouTuber was using his accident for views.

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Josh said: “This is called, the Vlog Squad is now realizing David is gone, they have nothing left to make money. And now he’s like, let me go on this rampage where I’m gonna come out with a documentary, come up with all this sh*t, and just pile up the views and get as much money as I can while I’ve still got clout.”

Underneath the clip posted to Dave Portnoy’s TikTok account, Jeff Wittek wrote, “you guys are morons,” alongside comments from viewers claiming the hosts needed to do more research.

Jeff Wittek comments on a TikTok

Now, in episode 28 of the podcast, Josh revealed that Jeff actually called him about the comments that were made.

“He pulled the ‘I’m not a guy you wanna mess with, I’m not a guy you want on your bad side,'” Josh said.

Explaining how Jeff got in contact with him, he added: “I got a text from a random number that was like ‘yo, it’s Jeff Wittek, we need to talk’ or something along those lines.”

Topic starts at 2:52

After they started their call, Josh explained: “He started talking about how we sh*t on him on the pod, and our opinion was super off, and I was like, but it was opinion, man. It was an opinion.”

It’s not clear where Jeff and the hosts stand with each other after the interactions, but it seems as though the BFFs are standing by their right to give their opinion.

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