Jason Nash reveals real reason Jeff Wittek was cut from Bryce Hall roast

Instagram: Jason Nash

Vlog Squad member Jason Nash has revealed the real reason Jeff Wittek pulled out of the Roast Of Bryce Hall after delaying the segment by almost two weeks.

Backlash against the Vlog Squad’s David Dobrik arose in mid-2021 after Jeff Wittek revealed that he had been seriously injured by the fellow Vlogger. Dobrik notably swung Wittek from an excavator in the middle of a lake for a filmed stunt.

Wittek and Dobrik seemed to be on relatively good terms until Wittek voiced his frustration during a live stream in February 2022, revealing that Dobrik hadn’t messaged him to check in on his condition, saying “I’m done being fake friends with that motherf**ker.”

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In an ongoing fight between Wittek and Dobrik, the former Vlog Squad member announced that he would not be participating in the Roast of Bryce Hall, placing the blame on Dobrik for censoring his set.

The roast was originally set to include Jason Nash, Adam Wassabi, Jeff Wittek, Josie Canseco, Josh Richards, Tana Mongeau, and Nick ‘Jonah’ Antonyan as the “roasters.”

Jason Nash reveals why Wittek was cut from the Roast

Jason Nash uploaded a video explaining the situation on March 6, claiming that Dobrik wasn’t the sole reason why Wittek pulled out the roast – but more so the fact that the sponsor didn’t like Wittek’s jokes.

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“Seat Geek sponsored this roast… and basically, there was a bunch of jokes they wanted cut out of it,” Nash revealed.

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“I got Jeff to cut two of the jokes, but then there were three more that Jeff wouldn’t budge on, and he said, ‘I wanna pull my set,'” Nash added.

On February 23, Wittek posted a Tweet saying that someone had “tried to remove half my jokes. At the time, Bryce Hall thought he was trying to take a jab at him, when in fact, it appears to have been Seat Geek who thought the YouTuber’s jokes were too inappropriate.

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On March 7, the Roast Of Bryce Hall was uploaded to Nash’s channel, almost two weeks after the expected air date.

The roast did in fact feature Wittek, but more as a featured guest instead of actually participating in the roast itself.