Jared Leto embraces viral Morbius meme with ‘Morbius 2’ script

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Sony Pictures / Jared Leto

Following the internet craze of making memes surrounding Sony Pictures and Marvel’s recent Morbius film, lead actor Jared Leto seemingly embraced the trend in a cheeky Twitter video.

Morbius memes have taken the internet by storm following reports of low critical reviews and a reported $39.1 million opening, as reported by ABC10.

From people hosting 24/7 livestreams of Morbius on Twitch to photoshopping video game covers, the internet can’t get enough of memeing on Morbius.

Now, the film’s lead actor Jared Leto is getting in on the action after posting a Twitter video leaking the title of Morbius’ upcoming ‘sequel.’

Jared Leto embraces Morbin’ time

Morbius poster
Sony Pictures
Morbius has gone from one of the year’s biggest flops to a hilarious meme.

The Hollywood actor posted the video to his Twitter on June 3, which shows him sitting on a chair thumbing through a script.

The camera approaches Leto apparently caught unawares as he tries to cover up what he’s reading through.

The camera finally zooms into what script Leto is reading through before finally revealing the title: Morbius 2: It’s Morbin’ Time.

It’s a clear reference to what is perhaps the most popular meme surrounding his latest film, in which internet users imagine a world where the main character, Michael Morbius, adopts the saying as his catchphrase throughout the film.

The now infamous “It’s Morbin’ time” catchphrase came from Twitter user @Rank10YGO who tweeted out: “The best part of Morbius was when he said ‘IT’S MORBIN’ TIME’ and morbed all over those guys.”

Since then the tweet has gone viral and garnered over 135,000 likes and nearly 14,000 retweets, eventually leading others to use the phrase in their memes.

It seems not even Jared Leto can escape the fixation on memeing Morbius. After all, if you can’t be ’em join ’em.

While Leto’s Morbius 2 script is obviously a joke, there’s still a chance that Sony Pictures and Marvel will move forward with an official Morbius sequel considering the film is made its way back to theaters following the large influx of memes.

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