Japanese-fluent IRL streamer catches Tokyo bartender swearing profusely


IRL Twitch star ‘Starbitzychan’ stunned a Tokyo bartender who attempted to stream-snipe her by swearing profusely during a live broadcast.

On February 24, the streamer, who teaches English as a second language, was broadcasting out of t a bar in Tokyo when the bartender began saying “chinchin” under his breath.

When translated, “chinchin” is a childish word for penis that many non-Japanese speakers wouldn’t pick up on.

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“Those words are very naughty!” the streamer scolded the bartender, who just continued with his profanity.

“Alright, I’m about to bust it,” Starbitzychan smirked before clearing her throat, shocking the woman next to her who didn’t know she was fluent in Japanese.

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A few moments later, the IRL streamer started going off on the bartender in his own language, surprising the man who was at a loss for words.

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“Ahhh!” he laughed, embarrassed that his attempt to stream snipe had been foiled.

“I told him I spoke Japanese,” she told the woman sitting at the bar with her.

For his part, the bartender played it cool while the entire room was all smiles at the situation.

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When her friend, Alex, sat down shortly thereafter, the streamer explained how the bartender kept “whispering penis and vagina in her chat’s ears.”

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“If you have to translate it in a clip, just say, ‘I can speak Japanese, I know what the f**k you’re saying,’ is what I just said,” she continued.

Once the stream had ended, the streamer took to Twitter to explain how the whole night had been amazing. “First stream snipe of 2020–good start!” she captioned a series of photos.

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Amusingly, in another of her photos, she froze the frame on the bartender’s reaction recreating the popular PogChamp Gootecks emote.

The whole situation was certainly wild, and a night that Starbitzychan and her chat won’t soon forget.

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