James Charles’ most viewed TikToks of 2020

James Charles stands against a purple wallInstagram: jamescharles

While James Charles started off originally as a beauty guru on YouTube, he has taken his content to new heights this year with his presence on TikTok, securing a whole new wave of fans. But out of his many viral videos, which ones got the most views in 2020?

21-year-old James Charles launched his YouTube channel in 2015 and has since gone on to secure over 25 million subscribers. Not only that, but he’s also collaborated with huge celebrities such as the likes of Kylie Jenner, cementing him as an iconic internet personality.

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But since starting up his TikTok account, the star has also found himself taking on a whole new wave of fans who flock to his videos for his mix of dance, lip-sync, and comedy content.

James Charles poses with other social media stars in Among Us inspired costumesYouTube: James Charles
James Charles is starting to cement himself firmly in the TikTok space.

In 2020 he also formed a strong bond with the D’Amelio sisters, Larray, Noah Beck, and Chase Hudson, who go hugely viral together on both YouTube and TikTok for their huge multi-channel collaborations.

Bizarrely, even though James has always been first and foremost a YouTube-oriented creator, at the time of writing the 21-year-old has around 8 million more followers on his TikTok account putting him at 33 million followers, which rivals some TikTok-made creators.

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But with such an array of content posted on the app within the past year, what were James Charles’ most viewed TikToks of 2020?

5 – TikTok star collab – 55.2 million views

Some of the content that has received the most engagement on James’ account of late is his videos with some of the biggest creators on TikTok, and here they all dance together on a basketball court to a viral TikTok sound.

4 – Makeup reaction – 58.1 million views

This clip became super popular after James showed himself reaction to juliakmoch showing an insane rainbow makeup transformation that could rival the beauty guru’s own skills, and James looks sufficiently stunned by the amazing artwork.

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3 – Stumbling trend – 61.8 million views

This trend features people initially looking like they’re about to fall over, with whoever is holding the camera tilting it at crazy angles. When the beat drops the person suddenly snaps into a powerwalk, and James definitely embraced this viral sound.

2 – Mean Girls Santa dance – 68.7 million views

Here the 21-year-old is back with his TikTok friends in a Mean Girls inspired parody, where each person wore a rather short Santa dress and danced to the iconic song Jingle Bell Rock.

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1 – A dramatic transformation – 74 million views

In Jame’s most viewed TikTok of 2020 he did what he does best, makeup. The star showed himself before the transformation with his bare face, and then with a smooth transition revealed a vibrant makeup look that secured him millions of views.

The past year has been a great one for James both on and off TikTok, expanding both his skills and his celebrity circles. It looks like he has no plans to put a halt to his TikTok content, as his 33 million followers on the platform are still as active as ever.

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