James Charles explains why he’s never been in an official relationship

Brad Norton
YouTube: The Hollywood Fix

One of the biggest stars on the internet, social media personality James Charles has just revealed that he’s never been involved in a proper relationship and here’s why.

The 21-year-old YouTube sensation boasts over 23 million subscribers on the platform with similar followings across Instagram and TikTok as well. Despite his social media empire and immense wealth, Charles has supposedly always lacked one thing in particular: an official relationship.

With nearly every action being shared around online, a real relationship is something that he’s never shared with his audience. Not in an attempt to keep some aspect of his life private, simply because a true partnership hasn’t come to fruition.

“Dating is a very tricky situation,” he admitted in a November 10 interview with The Hollywood Fix. With the topic of cheating at the forefront of the conversation, Charles began dipping over to his own personal relationship struggles.

James Charles talking to camera
YouTube: James Charles
Charles has never shared a public relationship before for good reason.

 I think if you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t be cheating or sending anybody else photos. It’s very inappropriate.” When pressed on whether he’d cheated on a former partner, Charles explained how it simply wasn’t possible.

“I’ve never been in a relationship in the first place to cheat on anybody.” In fact, he’s never even come “close” to committing due to a number of poor experiences in the past.

“I’ve been f***ed over a lot just in terms of people using me,” he explained. “So I have very high standards.” He’s been through the wringer with others looking to get close for their own personal gain and career opportunities. 

However, Charles has learned from every experience and has boundaries in place for those reasons.“I’ve definitely figured out my red flags,” he added. “I know how to be careful.”

The relevant section begins at the 0:58 mark below.

This isn’t to say that the door is completely shut for his first potential relationship soon though. Purely just that Charles is waiting for the “right person.”

Whether it’s sooner or later, when Charles finds the ideal match, it’s sure to spread like wildfire across social media.