James Charles confuses fans after revealing completely bald head

YouTube: KevinWong

Is James Charles suddenly bald? Fans have been left confused after the YouTuber was filmed by paparazzi outside BOA on Thursday night with a shaved head. But has he really gotten rid of his luscious locks? 

James Charles, while known for his impeccable makeup, can never resist a fashion statement either, having caused a stir with his choices of appearance several times throughout his career.

The beauty guru stirred up some strong opinions when he had some particularly daring outfit choices at Coachella in 2019, after which he explained in an interview that he wears certain outfits to destroy gender norms.

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As many of his fans know, James often experiments with different hairstyles by wearing all sorts of different wigs, but he has rarely touched the natural hair on his head.

James Charles wigInstagram: James Charles
James Charles often experiments with daring outfit choices

That’s why it was so surprised when he told Hollywood Fix that his bald head was real and that he’d actually shaved it. In his interview with Hollywood Fix he maintained that it was real, that he did it himself and added “I’m trying something new…I just did it today.”

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James also revealed his new look on his Instagram story, first teasing fans saying “Wait until you guys see what I did with my hair” before finally revealing the final look.

But viewers in the comments were not convinced, choosing not to be so easily baited into believing he make such a dramatic choice. One viewer wrote, “James would never, you can see it’s not real if you look closely at the back of his head. But if he did, which he didn’t, still looks great.”

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Another wrote, “Y’all he didn’t even shave it. It’s a bald cap you can easily tell… James has said many times that he never will do anything to his hair again after it falling out from bleaching it.”

The only way fans will know for sure is to keep an eye on James’ social channels to see if his hair grows back unusually fast, or if he maintains the bald look for weeks to come.

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