JakeNBake slams viewer for reporting IRL Twitch stream to restaurant

Twitch: JakeNBake

Twitch streamer ‘JakeNBakeLIVE’ got in trouble for IRL streaming at a restaurant after a viewer called the headquarters to report him. 

JakeNBake is one of the most popular Twitch IRL [In-Real-Life] streamers out there, known largely for his travel around Asia.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, he left China in early February and has since been broadcasting his way around Japan, usually with no issues. However, he faced a problem during a stream on Feb 20, when a viewer tried to get him in trouble for streaming inside a restaurant.

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Twitch JakeNBake
JakeNBake is a popular Twitch IRL streamer that has been focusing his content around his travels in Asia.

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The American was enjoying a meal and chatting with viewers in a restaurant when he was interrupted by a staff member. A brief conversation saw Jake forced to move his camera to a much smaller angle, as to not record anyone else in the building.

However, he was not pleased with the situation, not because he had to change hit set up, but because a viewer had called in to complain.

“Holy sh*t dude… Some Japanese person called CoCo Ichibanya (the restaurant) headquarters in Japan told them what location I’m at and [said] I’m streaming and showing people’s faces. The headquarters called this store and told the lady I cannot show other people’s faces – but I can continue streaming, which is very nice [of them].”

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JakeNBake then fired back at the person who called. “Hey, to the viewer that called, f**k you dude, look what I’m doing, I’m still streaming dude.”

Luckily for his fans, he was able to continue streaming, but it could have easily gone differently as the restaurant could have shut him down, or Twitch themselves could have stepped in if further complaints were raised.

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