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Jake Paul’s YouTube hacked? Bitcoin ‘scam’ confuses subscribers

Published: 6/Sep/2020 18:28

by Daniel Cleary


Fans believe that Jake Paul may have had his YouTube account hacked social media, after some claimed that he was attempting to scam subscribers for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Following the massive bitcoin scam on July 15, which saw the likes of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mr Beast, and more all hacked, it seems as if yet another cryptocurrency scam is now circulating.

This time, it appears the hackers, asking unsuspecting fans for cryptocurrency, have used Jake Paul’s YouTube channel as their platform.

Logan Paul and Jake Paul
Jake Paul, instagram
Fans were confused after Jake Paul returned to YouTube with a bitcoin “giveaway.”

Jake Paul is known for his popular vlog series and has built a massive following over 20 million subscribers but he has not always been happy with the video-sharing platform.


After recently announcing that he was done with YouTube and that he had stopped uploading for a month, his fans were surprised to see his account seemingly active again, promoting a “giveaway” on September 6.

The post on the YouTuber’s channel claimed that he would be sending back double the amount of any cryptocurrency that was sent to him first, making some subscribers quite suspicious of the giveaway.

Jake Paul youtube post
YouTube: Jake Paul
The post confused fans, suggesting Jake Paul may have been hacked.

After seeing this unusual style of the giveaway, many of Jake’s subscribers have hit out at the star claiming that he was “scamming fans.”

Other fans were concerned for his YouTube account, questioning whether or not he was the victim of a hack, similar to the bitcoin scam earlier in the year.


The content creator has also seemingly responded to fans’ concerns on YouTube, commenting on the post and claiming that it is “not another Twitter scam.”

Jake Paul comment on YouTube

However, as of now, Jake Paul has yet to respond to the backlash on any of his other social media channels, leaving fans worried that he might still be hacked and also confused as to what exactly is going on.