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Jake Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose reveals Tommy Fury’s partner declined boxing wagers

Published: 10/Nov/2021 17:21

by Michael Gwilliam


Jake Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose is claiming that Tommy Fury’s partner Molly-Mae Hague has turned down wagers leading up to their boyfriend’s boxing match and now wants to mud-wrestle her.

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul has taken the influencer boxing craze by storm. Alongside his brother Logan, the two have earned the praise of fighting greats such as Mike Tyson for breathing new life into the sport.

Now, with Jake set to battle Tommy Fury in December, his girlfriend has been trying to get a piece of the action too, following in her boyfriend’s footsteps.

While Jake’s bet with Tommy will mean he will need to officially change his last name from Fury to “Fumbles,” Rose has been trying to set up a wager of her own, but to no avail.


Molly and Tommy Fury
Molly has declined wagers from Jake Paul’s girlfriend.

Julia Rose challenges Molly-Mae Hague to mud wrestle

Speaking with TMZ, Rose revealed she tried making a bet with Molly about the outcome of the upcoming boxing match, but it didn’t pan out.

“I tried having a bet, she didn’t respond,” she said. “Molly’s not too confident in her man. “Molly, let’s make a bet. How confident are you in Tommy? Let’s see?”

When pressed on what the terms of the bet would have been, she joked that if Tommy was going to have to change his name to Fumbles then maybe her last name should be “Mumbles.”

However, she later stated that their wager didn’t have to be a last name-style one and perhaps instead of boxing, they could mud wrestle.


We’ll have to wait and see if the two do end up getting dirty on the Paul vs Fury undercard or if yet another of Rose’s challenges goes unanswered.