Jake Paul’s boxing company teases third Tyron Woodley fight

Virginia Glaze
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Jake Paul’s boxing promotion company, Most Valuable Promotions, may have dropped a breadcrumb hinting at yet another rematch against former UFC champ Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul’s boxing company may have dropped a major hint about ‘The Problem Child’s’ next big match.

Boasting an undefeated 5-0 record, Paul is currently seeking out an opponent for his next bout this August… but negotiations have proven somewhat difficult for the star.

His ongoing talks with British boxer Tommy Fury haven’t exactly come to fruition. After finally agreeing to the fight due to Jake’s 24-hour warning, Fury claims he was denied entry to the US for their press conference, putting their fight in jeopardy.

How to watch Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury 2022
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Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally agreed to a fight on August 6, 2022 – but extenuating circumstances may have put their bout on hold.

Now, Paul is claiming he’s got even bigger names in the books for his next match — but it might not be what fans expect.

On July 4, 2022, Most Valuable Promotions dropped a humorous hint regarding Paul’s upcoming August bout, appearing to tease yet another rematch against Tyron Woodley in an Instagram comment.

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TheBreadBatch alerted fans to a comment Most Valuable Promotions had left, teasing another possible bout with Woodley.

“Our sense is the fans are clamoring for Paul vs Woodley III?” they wrote.

While this could just be a big practical joke, some fans are taking it as an obvious hint that this could be Jake’s next fight.

After all, he’s already faced off against Woodley twice over — once in August 2021, which Paul took by split decision, and again in December 2021, which he won by TKO.

However, Woodley is far from the only option on Paul’s docket of possible opponents; amid his talks with Fury, Paul was openly discussing a probable bout with the UFC’s Nate Diaz, who begged Prez. Dana White to release him from his contract to fight the YouTuber.

For now, the future is still unclear for Paul’s August fight, but one thing’s certain — another Tyron Woodley bout would definitely divide his fanbase.