Jake Paul’s boxing coach hospitalized after being shot and robbed

jake paul boxing coach hospitalized after robbed at gunpointInstagram: bjflorespro

Jake Paul’s boxing coach, BJ Flores, says he’s been hospitalized after being allegedly robbed and shot in the leg.

Jake Paul’s boxing coach and former pro boxer, BJ Flores, has allegedly been hospitalized after being robbed at gunpoint while traveling in Colombia.

The combat sports instructor broke the news via his Instagram stories late last night, where he showed himself laying in a hospital bed.

In one video, Flores showed several cuts he’d received as a result of a scuffle, with a wound on his hand and the side of his head. A caption on the clip read, “Quick update, awaiting surgery to remove bullet.”

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Jake Paul’s boxing coach, BJ Flores, hospitalized after gunshot wound

He then panned over to show his right thigh, which boasted a thick bandage. He also showed blood on the hospital bed, supposedly from the leg wound.

Flores later posted a text message conversation with someone, where he said he’d been robbed at gunpoint. “Look at my head where he had the gun,” Flores wrote. “Two big-a** marks on my right temple.”

bjflores instagram storyInstagram: bjflorespro

He later uploaded a second video explaining the situation in more detail. According to Flores, he and his group had been “targeted,” and the thieves had apparently pulled him out of a car during the altercation.

“See where the pistol was held right there? That’s when they came in the car and put the pistol right there. …the pistol was right there, yelling at me to give [them] my wallet, my watch, everything.”

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“We were definitely targeted. They couldn’t have possibly seen my watch when I was sitting in the passenger’s seat on my left hand. So, we were definitely targeted. You know, it is what it is. I’m still alive. Everything’s good. I’m happy.”

Jake Paul has also reacted to the situation on social media, reposting a message from his promotional company, MVP, wishing his coach a speedy recovery.

For now, Flores is recovering from the shocking ordeal — but this isn’t the first time one of Jake Paul’s posse has been attacked.

In September 2021, Jake and Logan Paul’s music producer was reportedly shot at in Puerto Rico during a drive-by shooting. Although the producer was unharmed, another party in the Uber with him was injured and later stabilized at a local hospital.

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