Jake Paul wants a Canelo Álvarez fight despite Stephen A. Smith’s warnings

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Jake Paul went on First Take with Stephen A. Smith with some big aspirations, including a future fight with boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez.

Jake Paul has been making waves in the boxing and sports world recently, even considering a move to the UFC or the NFL.

But it seems his heart still remains, at least in part, in boxing.

This comes from an interview Jake recently did with ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith, where the two talked boxing, Jake’s future fights, and much more.

Jake Paul wants a Canelo Alvarez fight

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Jake Paul is calling out one of boxing’s great fighters, Canelo Alvarez.

Jake Paul’s first five boxing matches have earned him a 5-0 record, taking down some big names in the process. But what’s next for the superstar?

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One of his greatest critiques, and one that Stephen A. Smith made on their interview on First Take, is that Paul has yet to fight a real boxer. But, Jake wants to change that.

“I’m bigger than Canelo, I’m faster than Canelo, I’m more athletic than Canelo. Can I box better? Probably not. But, give me three years, and that’s going to be a big fight,” Jake said when asked about a fight with Canelo.

Canelo Alvarez is currently 57-2-1, only losing once to none other than Floyd Mayweather.

Jake continued in the interview defending his desire to fight the best, saying: “Other people try to place limits on you when you’re a unicorn doing something different… but for me, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, and I know I can get after Canelo.”

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Jake Paul is nothing else if not confident in himself when it comes to his various pursuits in life, including a desire to box against someone like Canelo Alvarez or join the National Football League.

Time will tell how Jake Paul’s career shakes out, as he joked about UFC, the NFL, and even NASCAR in the interview with Stephen A. Make sure and stay tuned so you can keep up with what the younger Paul brother is up to next!