Jake Paul unbanned from Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul after hat brawl

logan paul jake floyd mayweather boxing hat banvia The Sportsman / Jake Paul Instagram

The exhibition bout between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather heated up to such a point that YouTuber Jake Paul was reportedly banned from the fight. Just over a week later, though, the younger Paul brother has been cleared to go to the event, creating another layer of stories for the hyped match.

Previously, Jake attended the May 6 press conference for Mayweather v Paul and stole headlines shortly after the event finished when he swiped the 50-0 boxing legend’s hat from his head.

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Admittedly, Jake wasn’t aware of how mad Mayweather would get at the stunt. A brawl broke out between Jake and Mayweather’s team over the incident, and it was later revealed that the YouTuber was banned from the upcoming boxing match.

“They’re not letting you into the fight,” Logan said later in the day after the fight broke out. “You’re literally banned from the Hardrock Stadium on January 6.”

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But CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe, said on May 18 any restriction that might have been on Jake attending the fight is no more, and he is free to attend.

After being asked point blank if Jake Paul is banned from the fight, Ellerbe directly said that he wasn’t barred from attending.

Jake and Logan have been training together and doing appearances with each other throughout their boxing careers. It would have been surprising not to see Jake in Logan’s corner at the event.

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Since the Paul brothers will presumably be at the fight together, it could give the night another layer of dramatics to watch out for.

Logan reportedly bumped up the security after Jake’s brawl with Mayweather after the boxing champ said “I’ll kill you” to the younger brother.

In the same interview, Ellerbe said mentioned that “there’s a price that you got to pay for when you do dumb sh*t,” in regard to Jake’s antics.

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Whether the beef between Jake and Mayweather materializes into anything else, or them two ending up in a ring together, remains to be seen.

But come June 6, when Logan and Mayweather step onto the stage, both Paul brothers could be in attendance at the Hard Rock Stadium.