Jake Paul trolls UFC champ Kamaru Usman after “locked room” fight challenge

Jake Paul beefing with Kamaru usmanInstagram/Jakepaul/usman84kg

Influencer Jake Paul and UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman got into a heated war of words over boxing with the YouTuber eventually being challenged to fight in a locked room.

Jake Paul has lived up to his nickname ‘The Problem Child’ ever since he broke into the boxing scene. The undefeated up-and-comer has KO’d everyone he has fought and is no stranger to calling out seemingly anyone and everyone.

In a social media kerfuffle on May 2, Paul responded to Usman making some disparaging comments towards boxing, claiming “lowlives” destroyed the sport.

Stepping in to defend the combat sport like a white knight wearing boxing gloves, Jake Paul immediately called out Usman, sparking a back and forth between the two that got a tad ugly.

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Jake Paul and Kamaru Usman spark social media brouhaha

In a quote-tweet, Paul accused the UFC star of being a hypocrite, bringing up how he wants to box Canelo despite his complaints about the sport.

“You’re really good at this internet tough guy sh*t, I give you that,” Usman struck back before asking the influencer a couple of questions. “You and me locked in a room, who makes it out alive? Saul and I locked in a room, who makes it out alive?”

For his part, despite the beef, Usman praised Paul’s “energy,” saying how he quite liked it. That didn’t stop Paul from firing right back, however, in typical Problem Child fashion.

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“Me and you locked in a room together…sounds like a good time to me,” he trolled with a winky face. “I’ll bring the fuzzy handcuffs.”

Paul also added a photoshopped image of Jose Caceres choking out Usman, mocking the mixed martial artist.

So far, Usman hasn’t responded to Paul’s last remark, but it’s clear that there’s no love lost between the two. With Jake still looking for an opponent for his return to the ring in August, one might wonder if Kamaru would be willing to settle things there instead of on social media.

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