Jake Paul trolls Conor McGregor again with MMA training video

Jake Paul alongside Conor McGregor during MMA trainingInstagram: Jake Paul/Conor McGregor

Jake Paul has hit back at Conor McGregor’s “jackass” dig on Twitter, revealing that he’s “training MMA” once again as their feud continues to heat up.

While Jake Paul has made waves in the boxing world, he hasn’t been afraid of throwing virtual jabs at many of those who are in the world of MMA, with his big target being Conor McGregor.

The social media star and Irish fighting icon have gone back and forth on a few occasions, with Jake regularly using McGregor’s defeats inside the Octagon as a way to taunt him and throw out fight offers.

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With Jake teasing that he may make the switch from boxing to MMA, fans are eager to see him and McGregor actually square off, and while that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, it isn’t stopping the beef.

Conor McGregor chain croppedTwitter: Jake Paul
Jake Paul notably commissioned a $100k chain of a KO’d Conor McGregor after multiple attempts at goading the ‘Notorious’ for a fight.

After McGregor posted a training video of himself working on his boxing skills, Jake was quick to jump in and say that he was less than impressed by what he’d seen.

Of course, the Notorious one didn’t let it lie, firing back with a video of him simply laughing and calling the YouTuber a “jackass” for what he’d posted. Though, that gave Jake a bit of fuel.

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On March 12, the YouTuber-turned-boxer went after McGregor again with a training montage of his own. While I’m training MMA, TheNotoriousMMA is drinking Jack Daniels in Dubai putting up sloppy boxing videos. Jackass,” he said while hilariously using the ‘jackass’ sound from McGregor’s video in his own clips.

He followed that up with a photo from his wrestling days, saying he’d been “boxing for fun” and was open to making MMA fighters “submit” moving forward.

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After asking for suggestions about who he should take on, the replies naturally filled up with responses for McGregor, as well as Khabib and Ben Askren.

While he’s been trying to get McGregor back inside the boxing ring, Jake has put an offer on the table for them to square off in a UFC bout, with the incentive that he’ll drop his long-standing campaign against the MMA promotion.

Though, with Dana White stating he’s very much over their beef, it seems unlikely that they’ll get a deal done.

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