Jake Paul & Tommy Fury set to fight in February after being called out by John Fury

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have arranged to fight in February, after John Fury claims Paul’s manager verbally agreed to the bout after a ringside clash.

Despite failed attempts of getting the two in the ring together, we may finally see Jake Paul face off against Tommy Fury next year.

The two were first linked to fight all the way back in December 2021, where Fury was forced to pull out of the arranged bout due to a broken rib injury.

Once more, the Love Island star was expected to be finally facing Paul at the Madison Square Garden in August, which ultimately fell through after Fury’s camp struggled to enter the United States.

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John Fury guarantees Jake vs Tommy bout

During a post-fight press conference, and after a ringside clash with Jake Paul after Tommy’s exhibition against Rolly Lambert, John Fury claimed that a bout between Jake and Tommy is planned for February.

According to John, The Problem Child’s manager agreed that the two would finally be stepping in the ring, with the two sides verbally agreeing and shaking on it.

“I have looked him down, backed him up into a corner, and check-mated him. He has agreed to a February bout,” said John claimed.

“He shook my hand and he gave me his word of honor, his manager. It’s happening in February. I said ‘listen if you renege or back out you’ll never live it down in your life’ and you can’t break a man’s handshake.

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“Contracts mean nothing to me, but a handshake does. My word you can build a tower block on it. He’s given me his word, his manager, we fight in February.”

Anticipation for a bout between the two is certainly high, especially after the ringside clash between Fury’s camp and Jake Paul. Despite going the length for six rounds in a mundane exhibition against Rolly Lambert, both John and Tommy were up for more, and called for Jake to step in the ring.

Though nothing came of it, fans are definitely excited to see the two finally meet in the ring. But, given previous fights falling through, there will be some skepticism about this one actually going ahead.

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