Jake Paul teases possible return of ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ docuseries in cryptic Tweet

. 3 years ago
Jake Paul, Instagram / YouTube

Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul debuted his ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ documentary series in late 2018 – but the show appeared to end after just two episodes, leaving fans in the dark as to any upcoming content.

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Despite this lengthy hiatus, Paul appeared to hint that the show might make a return, as teased in a Tweet he posted on April 18.

“I’m bringing back Jake Paul Uncut, don’t even worryyyyy about it fam,” Paul wrote – much to the excitement of his fanbase.

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Previously on Jake Paul Uncut

While Paul has yet to give out any other details about the series’ upcoming episodes, fans can expect them to follow a similar trend to their predecessors, which took a deep dive into Paul’s life after his highly-publicized breakup with model and music artist Erika Costell.

The first two episodes of Jake Paul Uncut exposed the YouTuber’s “toxic” relationship with Costell, where he admitted that they would constantly fight and regularly break up with each other ahead of their eventual split in late 2018.

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“…It turned into this downward spiral where we were super toxic for each other,” Paul said of their relationship. “We know everything about each other and we know how to hurt each other.”

Jake Paul’s boxing fiascos

Paul has since focused on his upcoming boxing match on the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch card, even stirring up potential beef with American rapper Soulja Boy in the process.

Although the two seemed set to throw down in the ring, nothing came of their feud – nor Paul’s beef with FaZe Banks, whom he called out prior to his stint with Soulja Boy.

Paul went on to box fellow YouTuber Joe Weller in a last-minute backyard bout, which resulted in a major infection in his hand that left him hospitalized.

In fact, Paul was barred from training for three months following surgery on the wound, resulting in what he claimed to be a “career-ending” injury.

The YouTuber has since gotten into it with rival KSI, with both expressing a passionate desire to box the other after the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch goes down in November of 2019.

With these details in mind, it stands to reason that Paul could cover his boxing drama in upcoming episodes – but the actual content of the series remains up in the air.

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